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At IDOLVERSE, our mission is to build a more beautiful digital world. We believe that NFTs are an important new format that enable people to showcase their passion and taste by collecting digital art. We want to create an NFT collection that lets our members own their personal pieces of the IDOLVERSE, so we are excited to announce the upcoming launch of Idolcams.

Idolcams are high-res digital illustrations featuring scenes from the adventures of our five hyper-attractive and charismatic Idols — Takara, Jun, Hana, Alistair, and Rain — as they experience the cryptoromantic simulations created by Dr. Mary Mikamora and her team at Inner Desire Observation Laboratory, I.D.O.L.

It is important to us that we make each Idolcam a digital item that you can be proud of collecting and displaying for decades to come. We’re working with prominent online artists with a history of high quality art to make sure our characters and stories are captured with the attention they deserve. We also want to make the Idolcams uniquely suited to the world we’re building, and that starts by giving them a home in the new IDOLVERSE app.

The app will be a central hub for all things IDOLVERSE, and its first role will be to let you pull Idolcams from our gachapon machines and organize them on your quest to collect all the Idolcams for your favorite Idol. Machines will only be open for a short period of time when they are released in the app, and after they close, those Idolcams will never be minted again!

We want to make this an accessible experience for people who may be new to NFTs so we’ve added some features to let you get started without having any crypto. You can pay using a credit card or other payment method you already use on your phone and we’ll pay the costs to mint the NFT on the blockchain to a wallet that we’ll help you set up. We’ll even send you some MATIC with your first NFT to let you pay for other things you might want to do with your NFT on the blockchain, like use OpenSea or other apps.


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