Jason Corbett

$ 15,171,283
Projects Raised
About Jason Corbett
As a Managing Partner of Silk Legal, a Bangkok based international law firm, I've embraced the complexities opportunities and the benefits of conducting business in Thailand. Based in Bangkok, I operate extensively in Hong Kong and Singapore serving clients from all over the globe. A corporate lawyer by trade, and an entrepreneur at heart, I value long term relationships and loyalty towards long term success. Trained in the law and private practice in one of Canada’s largest law firms, my range extends from small business and start-ups to fortune industries in legal, finance, beverage manufacturing, hotel’s, environmental, e-commerce and professional consulting. My passion is in my output and results. I value connectivity and understand the need to push doors to get to the next level. To create and sustain businesses comes with good advice, financial support and proper mentor ship. My team and I do whatever it takes towards preparation and getting it done. Feel free to contact me if you’d like to connect. I'm a social power house so let's get cracking towards your new ideas.
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