Husky Token

Husky Token

Created using Figma
Created using Figma
Husky Token is a 100% decentralized community experiment with it claims that 1/2 the tokens have been sent to Vitalik Buterin and the other half were locked to a Uniswap pool.It is same as SHIBA INU but with different tokenmetrics.
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About Husky Token

Husky is an experiment in decentralized community driven. No founders, no team tokens. This groups purpose is to allocate skills within the community to appropriate roles in HUSKY development and collectively agree on decisions for HUSKY future.


Like crypto, memes were born on the internet and have journeyed from the fringes to the mainstream. They’re used to drive adoption of cryptocurrency, signal bullishness or bearishness on certain assets or coins by traders and even boost the value of tokens.


We locked 45% of the total supply to Uniswap and 5% team token and threw away the keys! The remaining 50% was burned to Vitalik Buterin.  There is no greatness without a vulnerable point and as long as VB doesn’t rug us, then Husky will grow, survive and develop. We believe everyone should have an equal chance to own HUSKY, there is no team token. Everyone has to buy on the open market, this means devs have no more right for ownership than anybody else in the world. 


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