Hungry Hippos

Hungry Hippos

Created using Figma
7,777 unique and custom Hungry Hippos roaming in the wild! Hippos are stored as an ERC-721 token on the ETH blockchain.
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About Hungry Hippos

Hungry Hippos is a community driven project whose mission is to bring HUNGRY and motivated individuals together to establish a community through networking and strategic business relationships. Joining the herd gives you access to a rewarding networking system designed to educate, teach and help elevate the holders in some high value sectors and create financial freedom through Real Estate, Investing, Networking and various opportunities.

With masterminds and educating events, we can help educate and connect our holders with successful people from all over the world. Our events will be held through live calls and in person events. We will invite guest speakers from different backgrounds to discuss a variety of topics!

‍20% of sales will be invested into the HIPPOOL, which is reserved for Saving the Hippos, Financial Opportunities, Partnerships, Events, Giveaways and Much More!

To be utilized by the Holders along with sending members of the community to represent the Hungry Hippos at events all over to learn about things they are passionate about.

Hungry Hippos Roadmap

  • 1

  • Project Development
    • Hungry Hippos assemble the team of business partners, artists
    and developers.
    • Build out of the website, socials, roadmap and utility of The
    • 7,777 Unique Hungry Hippos
  • 2

  • Utility of Project
    • Bringing HUNGRY and Motivated individuals together to estab-
    lish a community through networking and strategic business re-
    • Elevating, Educating and Connecting Holders in high value sec-
    • HIPPOOL, Private Networking Channels, Mini Meet Ups
  • 3

  • Originals Club Sale
    • Sale of 150 Hippos
    • Exclusive benefits to the OC members.
    • A vote in early utility, Exclusive San Diego Retreat, Free Merch
  • 4

  • Building The Brand
    • Secure Partnerships and build Strategic Business Relationships that will enable the community to continue growing organically and attract the right holders.
  • Read More
  • 5

  • Pre-Sale
    • 1500 hippos only available to whitelisted members on Discord.
    • See Discord for more details.
  • 6

  • Luxury Timepiece Giveaway
    One luxury time piece will be given away after pre-sale is
    completed. Time piece will be valued around $5,000.
  • 7

  • Public Sale
    • The remaining 6,127 Hippos released to the public!
    • See Discord for more details.
  • 8

  • The Reveal
    • The REVEALING of Hippos after selling out of all 7,777 Hippos.
    • Prizes, Giveaways, and Much More!
  • 9

  • Merch Drop
    • Shirts, Hoodies, Hats and more will be for sale to the public.
    • Holders to receive 30% off!
  • 10

    • 20% of final mint sales will be held in the HIPPOOL
    • Utility Development
    • Community Growth
    • Donations to Environmental Charities
    • Partnerships
    • Events and Giveaways
  • 11

  • Luxury Electric Vehicle Giveaway
    • Brand new car/truck giveaway!
    • All Holders who are verified and meet the giveaway terms will
    have the opportunity to be entered to win!
  • 12

  • Originals Club Retreat in San Diego
    • Exclusive OC Retreat in San Diego
    • Limited spots will be given out to PreSale and Public Sale Hold- ers.
    • Networking, Group Activities, and Much More!
  • 13

  • Hawaii Trip and Reef Clean Up
    • Hungry Hippos will be taking at least 5 Hippo Holders on an all
    expense paid trip to Hawaii with the founding team!
    • Clean up the ocean and beaches of Hawaii, meet others in the
    NFT space and have a good time exploring all that Hawaii has to
    • In Partnership with PRO2TECT
  • 14

  • Mini Meet Ups
    • Quarterly Mini Meet Ups in major cities around the United States to provide networking opportunities to Holders.
  • 15

  • Thank You…
    • The Hungry Hippos team is dedicated to our community and doing what is best for the project and our holders. This is an ev- er-changing space; rest assured, we will continue to evolve for our community. Trends come and go however our mission and com- munity members will always remain HUNGRY and MOTIVATED.
    • Phase 2 Roadmap to follow *wink wink*

Hungry Hippos Last News

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