Human Discovery Platform

Human Discovery Platform

Created using Figma
Created using Figma
Decentralized system to create complex methods of human personality analysis.
Nov, 2017
Nov, 2017
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About Human Discovery Platform

Our mission is to make human personality analysis methods more accessible, better justified and qualitative, as well as applicable in various spheres ​​of ​​life.

HD platform is the environment to create, test, and commercialize various methods and tools designed to improve the quality of a human life through defining his/her personal characteristics and providing recommendations for positive results.

HD ecosystem takes into account all of its participants' interests

  • Users get access to a set of high-quality methods and a reward for providing their information
  • Authors of methods receive a convenient environment for implementation of their ideas without the need to dig into the programming and commercialization of products for end users
  • Entrepreneurs receive a marketplace of various methods ready for commercial use and a potential consumer audience

There are a lot of examples of times when analysis of large amounts of data has allowed users to make a qualitative leap in the development of a specific company or entire industry, contributing to breakthroughs in social and scientific studies.

As a result of the development of the HD Platform, for the first time in the history of mankind, we'll have a sufficient scope of data for application of such effective tools as machine learning, clusterization, collaborative filtering, and many other data related to psychological behavior and the inner world of people.

Analysis of these data points will allow for new findings and help people to develop more harmonious relationships with themselves, with people around​​them,​​and​​ with ​​the​​ entire ​​world.

Human Discovery Platform Roadmap

  • December 2013

  • The idea of the Platform for coaches and teachers
    Sale and carrying out online training
    Start of work over
    Start selling our courses in manicure at GetCourse
  • May 2014

  • launch
    Generally accessible GetCourse launch, only carrying out of training sessions is accessible
    First teachers start register at the Platform
  • January 2015

  • Issue of own mailout system CRM for teachers
    Work over own schools
    Break-even point is reached
  • June 2015

  • Merge with Veronika Kalacheva painting school
    Сurrently the largest online painting school in Russia
  • Read More
  • January 2016

  • The Platform active promotion start
    Issue of automation processes and Landing Page management
    Opening of partner projects: SilaVoli (Will Power) (Pavel Volya + Lyaisan Utyasheva),
  • January 2017

  • Development of the service and own schools
    Issue of own traffic analytics system and conversions
  • May 2017

  • Start working over — dating service on the basis of Human Design
    The idea of development of Russian-language dating site based on Human Design method, testing the idea at Russian marketICO preparation start
  • August 2017

  • Launch of HD.Dating
    For the first 4 weeks of work 8k users registered in the network
  • November 2017

  • Token Sale
  • June 2018

  • HDPlatform MVP-level
    HDBlock - the mechanism for describing the requested blocks and the authors' payment model. Blocks are described only visually, at the level of block diagrams and formulas for working with data tables similar to Excel
    Method-blocks and their data are loaded into centralized storage through open interfaces
    HDAuthorTools - OpenSource visual tools for creating blocks by authors
    API for requested blocks
  • Oct 2018

  • MVP Embed
    Launch and embedding end-point applications for external services At this stage, we need as many real implementations as possible, so that there is an external demand for tokens - a platform for rapid visual creation of their methods by authors without raising their own servers - attracting large authors with the introduction of their "turnkey" techniques on partner terms
    HDBusiness SDK - Billing service with the account of the businessman, allowing quickly to embed use of a methodics to itself on the site accepting fiat and allowing to spend HD-tokens
    Implementing the service in real businesses to monetize their traffic in order to trigger the growth mechanism of demand for HD-tokens
  • Dec 2018

  • HDPlatform
    HDBlocks and mutual settlements are stored in the decentralized Proof of Stake network
    The method-blocks are stored in a bytecode analog
    HDBlocks running core: HDBlockByteCode non-turing-complete language, based on the Finit State Machine and an analogue of excel-formulas for calculating the costs for executing the methodic and receiving of payments
    When loading methods, authors spend HD-tokens for uploading their blocks to the network in proportion to the volume occupied
  • Jun 2019

  • HDCrowdFunding
    HDCrowdFunding - a platform for authors and entrepreneurs who can expose their idea for seeking sponsors and subsequent income distribution
    HDFundContract - a mechanism for creating simple contracts for the distribution of income between sponsors
    HDMobile API SDK for iOS & Android
    HDVisualize SDK - tools for entrepreneurs, allowing you to quickly create end products based on HDPlatform
  • Feb 2020

  • HDStat
    HDStat Core - the author's ability to include saving the results of block requests to the blockchainnetwork to create statistically validated methods.
    HD-Stat Database - authors spend HD-tokens on space costs, occupied by their results
    HDDataScience panels - authors, entrepreneurs and researchers can create research panels for providing data in which they can encourage users tokens
  • Sep 2020

  • HDPlatform BigData Analyze framework
    HDData SDK - drivers for Python to take data from HDStat blockchain database
    Predefined models to analyzed common-used data-science cases
    HDStatVisual - tools for visualize data and search from HDStat database, based jupiter notebooks


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