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Own your web 3.0 domain, sell unique gaming #NFTs items, create your digital avatar for your metaverse identity, create your own letter of wishes for loved ones.
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Ranging from play-to-earn games to decentralized three-dimensional worlds, cross- platform events and experiences, digital avatars and identities and a whole lot more, the metaverse could be poised to reinvent the way we go about our daily lives.

Minting/Creating NFT`s is a unique way to certify authentication of collectibles in the form of art or real world assets. An NFT exchange is a place where non fungible tokens can be created, auctioned, traded and sold over the internet. There is speculation that NFT exchanges will surpass Crypto exchanges in terms of volume and popularity over the coming years as real world assets are being sold on the blockchain. Hovr is an NFT exchange build on a prestige blockchain to lower minting (creating) costs of NFT`s and ensuring lowering trading fees to maximize profits for all parties involved. NFT`s is a great way for people to make additional income on several ways.

A NFT can be viewed as a title deed to a property or a certificate of authentication ensuring it is the real asset. By owning the Rolex watch NFT it demonstrates you are the real owner and the watch is not fake! Hovr to intends to not only assure real value being added to the NFT space but also focus on becoming the world`s first cross-game in-gaming marketplace for items to be used and rented out to other players! Think if there was only 5000 Drow players in Dota and only the owners can play with them in-game or a sniper(item) in Counterstrike can only be used by the NFT holders. Gamers can earn money by renting out these items when they are not playing!

Hovr will be built on the currency of the virtual world (metaverse/nft/web 3.0 etc.) called Qi. Hovr will mint only 10,000 NFT`s which each represent a different unique city called the Hovr Hooligans collection and share in the trading fees of the NFT exchange. Each person around the world have the opportunity to own his city and be limited to buying only 20 cities each initially. QI will be the native currency of the NFT exchange and also solving the problem of high transaction fees of Ethereum. You need to own at least 20 cities to declare war on another city in this metaverse game. Each month the cities that was attacked the most will be destroyed and the owner of last remaining city will receive 1,000,000 QI Coins as reward that was mined by founders of Hovr. By destroying the city the NFT will effectively be burned. The 10,000 NFT`s share 100% in the proceeds of Hovr NFT exchange 2.5% trading fees for every transaction on ALL transactions thus including all other NFT’s minted. Hovr will build the mobile app where these NFT`s can be used in-game to dominate the world. There can only be one! The game will start after the last Hovr Hooligan(collection name) Nft is sold. Get in fast as there will be price increases for these NFT`s after every 250 sold…Will you be the one to conquer the new world order?


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