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HFC Block Chain and Artificial Intelligence Patoform is a tokenization solution designed to reduce the cost and inefficiency of mortgage processes while providing the transparency and innovation of mortgage-backed securities (MBS). The financial crisis of 2008 revealed a major threat to the mortgage industry. HFC Block Chain Pato Form brings trust, transparency and profitability to all stakeholders of the mortgage process through tokenization and corialization of mortgages using artificial intelligence and block chain technology.
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Oct 1, 2018
Oct 30, 2018
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About HFC Coin

The HFC blockchain and artificial intelligence patform is a tokenization solution designed to reduce the costs and inefficiencies of the mortgage process while providing transparency and innovation in mortgage-backed securities (MBS). The financial crisis of 2008 revealed major faws in the mortgage industry. The HFC blockchain patform will bring trust, transparency, and profitability to all stakeholders in the mortgage process through the tokenization and colateralization of mortgages using artificial intelligence and blockchain technology.

The HFC patform will eliminate legacy costs by creating the AI Loan Officer. As a result, savings will be passed on to customers and investors, thereby increasing market share and driving value for HFC Coin owners. Derivatives are pure abstractions of financial assets in a risk-based economy, and they are one of the most complex financial products. Mortgage-backed securities are derivatives that combine high-risk mortgages with low-risk mortgages to mitigate loss and increase return on investment. Decisions about the sale of a mortgage into a secondary market (the mortgagebacked securities market) are made without notifying mortgage holders, and sometimes without proper transference of ownership.

Decomposition of mortgage-backed securities is a complex process with obligations that require the agreement of numerous stakeholders. Another issue is that these derivatives are not widely avaiable via traditional investment methods, such as stock exchanges. This effectively prohibits the average investor from participating in the mortgage-backed securities market. The mortgage industry can be transformed by digital tools upholding the rights of all stakeholders in the mortgage process: the lender, the investors and the customer. The HFC patform will deploy an artificial-intelligence/blockchain solution to introduce transparency to the MBS market with the appropriate level of confidentiality and privacy.


HFC harnesses the power and security of blockchain technology and artificial intelligence to solve real world problems facing the mortgage industry. The HFC platform ensures that all stakeholders in the mortgage process are taken care of.

By using Artificial Intelligence and a Consortium Ethereum blockchain network, the HFC platform streamlines the entire mortgage process. This significantly reduces the average time to close while increasing customer confidence and understanding in the mortgage they are buying.

HFC’s Artificial Intelligence technology eliminates the need for mortgage loan officers and originators while allowing loan processors and underwriters to handle a higher volume of mortgages.

The security and transparency provided by blockchain and enforced by smart contracts completely eliminates the opportunity for fraud in the mortgage process.

HFC Coin Roadmap

  • HFC Coin TGE Starts

  • - Deployment of TGE smart contract on the Ethereum Mainnet.
    - HFC Coin market/distribution process.
    - Post-TGE marketing campaign.
    - Listing on public exchanges.
  • HFC Platform

  • - Proof-Of-Concept and initial tokenization process.
    - HFC Platform test-net with Ethereum Consortium chain under Proof-of-Authority consensus.
    - Tokenization of initially financed mortgages.
    - Solidity smart contracts for TGE of ERC721 and ERC20 tokens.
    - Public testing of smart contracts and security audit.
    - HFC Platform front-end and back-end finalization.
  • HFC Platform Deployment with Quorum

  • - Setup of nodes to launch Quorum Chain consensus.
    - Initial testing of node overflow and stress testing.
    - Migration of EIP721 standard to Quorum.
    - Migration of smart contracts from PoC to Quorum.
    - Ethereum Mainnet addresses implementation to Quorum.
    - Gateway maintenance and full-scale deployment.
  • Full-scale HFC Platform Launch

  • - Collateralization smart-contract deployment.
    - MetaMask and Infura JSON APIs and custom wallet deployment.
    - Launch of first CMP ERC721 token for collateral investment.
    - A first round of reward distribution.
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  • Scaling of HFC Platform

  • - SDKs for tokenized asset integration to HFC platform for collateralization.
    - New rounds of CMP creation.
    - Distribution of licences for mortgage tokenization service vendors.
    - Scaling of nodes amount within platform consortium agreement.
    - Payment gateways for integration of new payment methods for investors.
    - Integration of public Ethereum smart contracts with 0x.


30 Days Growth:
30 Days Growth:

HFC Coin Team

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Bryan Stone
James Lopez
Ott Sathngam
Software Engineer
Ivan Novosiolov
Stanislav Sheliakin
Head of Blockchain


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Alan Johnson
Grant Gulovsen


$3 922 763

Ihor Pidruchny

HFC Coin Interviews

James Lopez
As a team member, сan you tell us about your role in the ICO project?
I am the President and CTO of the project. My role is to oversee the technical work product and processes that enable us to have a successful STO and post-STO business.
What do you think about idea?
I read about and get pitched ideas all the time. This is one of the best ideas, if not the best idea, that has come my way in the last 15 years.

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