Hero Park GameFi

Hero Park GameFi

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Hero Park is a combination of DeFi + Game infrastructure which brings out the fun of DeFi gaming world not just purchasing an NFT as collectibles.
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About Hero Park GameFi

Hero Park is a DeFi + Game infrastructure that brings out the pleasure of the DeFi game world. Rather than simply acquiring an NFT as a collectible, we are interested in bridging DeFi and NFTs as a whole. We are focused on establishing a consistent level of demand and utilization for every specific NFT in order to guarantee value for adoption in the gaming industry.

Hero Park utilizes the Binance Smart Chain, which provides a strong userbase community while minimizing gas fees for users. By establishing a connection between the platform's native token and each in-game reward token generated on BEP-20, we convert and construct story-driven blockchain games with liquidity proof. Additionally, all Hero Park Gaming products are connected with related NFT series using the BEP-721 format to preserve the rarity and uniqueness of particular in-game items.

Hero Park GameFi Roadmap

  • Q4 - 2021

  • DeFi
    27 October 2021
    • Private Sale
    • Public Sale
    • Vault Staking
    • $HP Listing on DEX - PancakeSwap
    • NFT ChestBox launching & NFT Staking
    Milestone 1
    • Battle mechanic - Basic AI
    • Basic hero system without skills
    • Basic game flow - Incomplete
    • Lockdown art direction, concept & GUI Design
    • Test 3D game asset style
    • Dungeon level editor for level design purposes
    Milestone 2
    • Battle mechanic - Improved AI
    • Complete Hero System
    • Improved Game Flow - Incomplete
  • Q1 - 2022

  • DeFi
    • Farming Pair Launching
    • NFT Marketplace Launching
    • Fusion Hall Launching
    Milestone 2
    • Basic PvP - Incomplete
    • 60%-70% concept & GUI Design
    • 20%-30% Game art assets
    • 20% Dungeon level design test
    Milestone 3
    • Open Alpha Game Test
    • 50% Dungeon level design & balancing
    • 80% Game flow
    • 100% Concept & GUI design
    • 50 - 60% Game art assets
    • 60% - 70% Dungeon level design
  • Q2 - 2022

  • DeFi
    • Hero Crush Alpha Open Test & $HBT listing
    • Hero Crush Beta Open Test
    Milestone 4
    • Open Beta Game Test
    • Final polishing
    • 100% dungeon level design & balancing
    • 100% game art assets
    • Localization English & Mandarin


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