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Herdius intends to build a highly performant decentralized financial platform. Using the latest innovation in distributed systems design, we are aiming to be the next-generation infrastructure for the entire cryptocurrency ecosystem.
Risk: High
Dec 11, 2017
Jan 20, 2018
100% completed
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Cap 5 000 000.00 EURO
Hard cap 30 000 000.00 EURO
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Platform, Cryptocurrency, Software

About Herdius

The Herdius platform intends to be a state-of-the-art distributed system. The architecture we envisage leverages some of the most recent technical developments in the space and introduces several innovative elements. We specifically want to design Herdius with the following goals in mind: 

  1. High scalability and low confirmation times
  2. Cross-chain interoperability and transactions
  3. Handling private keys in a secure and convenient manner

As an overarching design premise, we set out to tackle these issues without compromising in the realm of decentralization. The outcome of our research and development efforts is the Herdius system as presented end envisaged in our technical whitepaper. At its core is a new proof-ofstake-based blockchain that can also function in the role of a sidechain to most other blockchains, including Bitcoin and Ethereum.

Thanks to our blocks-of-blocks architecture, we envision the Herdius blockchain to allow for a much increased transaction throughput compared to current legacy chains. That is central to our goal of building a decentralized exchange that can handle all kinds of digital assets, regardless of their underlying chain. By building a highly scalable blockchain that connects to different blockchains, we hope to have a positive impact on the entire ecosystem: the current strain on the legacy root chains might be considerably decreased once Herdius is running.

With DIVIWA, we aim at introducing a network of secure, virtual wallets. Our DIVIWA wallets shall present a user-friendly interface to the Herdius chain for regular users and handle private keys in an encrypted and distributed way. Our goal is to finally make handling private keys secure and convenient.

Herdius Roadmap

  • June, 2017

  • Technical and Legal work begins
  • December, 2017

  • ICO begins
  • January, 2018

  • Development begins
  • March, 2018

  • Developer community building
  • Read More
  • September, 2018

  • Business community outreach is expected to begin
  • December, 2018

  • Alpha release of chain
  • January, 2019

  • We plan to begin security audits
  • August, 2019

  • End user marketing campaigns launch


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Herdius Team

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Balazs Deme
Founder & CEO
Thomas Euler
Ecosystem & Strategy
Jorgen Brandt
Senior Software Engineer
Soja Subhagar
Marketing Analyst
Albert Callarisa Roc...
Senior Software Engineer
Rokas Budrauskas
Business Analyst
Carolin Beer
Software Engineer

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Herdius Reviews


Is this company the right choice for you? Maybe. Surely, you will need another platform at the moment because Herdius is still not online, but does it offer something interesting? Somewhat. The plan to offer a safe place for storing cryptocurrency keys is a great idea and could be the differential of this company if it does, indeed, work as it says it will.

On the other hand, nothing is really groundbreaking about Herdius. The platform is very normal and there are best alternatives out there, so maybe Herdius is not the best choice.

If you like this company, feel free to invest in it, but be aware that there are many other companies and there is a chance that there is some other better company out there for you.

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