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About Helis Network

Our ultimate source of truth about everything about the project (externally and internally) resides right here. You'll be able to understand all the finer details about Helis such as what we're doing on a more granular level, learning about community initiatives and details about the token itself.

High Level Summary  

Our focus is on making DeFi accessible and powerful for enterprises. We're achieving this through developing a series of usable products:

  1. Payroll: An enterprise application that enables easy payments to businesses, employees, freelancers and investors. Coupled with a beautiful interface. Fiat integration coming soon.

  2. Loans: Enterprises have plenty of idle assets. Creating easy to use interfaces to aggregate liquidity and find the best lending rates can be integrated alongside payroll.

  3. Derivatives: Speculation is one of the primary use cases with cryptocurrencies. Creating products that help understand the risks in a simple, easy to use way can prove to be useful.


Making DeFi Accessible

Decentralised finance is an extremely valuable movement, however it hasn’t been accessible due to complex technical and financial terms. Helis aims to aggregate DeFi protocols together for enterprises to utilise.

Global Access

Any business, anywhere can access financial tools and products

Trust Minimised

Open source smart contracts increase transparency


No verification or paperwork required to get started


Understanding finance made easy through intuitive interfaces


Removing intermediateries gives SMEs access to loans & payments

Open Protocols

Programmable protocols can be combined and leveraged in unique ways

Helis Network Team

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Kerman Kohli
Ali Hararwala
Strategy & Operations
Dynal Patel
Cyrus Goh
Carlos Beltran


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Attention. There is a risk that unverified members are not actually members of the team

Reuben Bramanathan

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Helis Network Reviews

Midgard Research

HelisNetwork focuses on making DeFi accessible and powerful for enterprises. What is DeFi? DeFi stands for decentralised finance: lending, derivatives, payments, stable coins, decentralised exchanges.
Helis has already developed the first product - payroll. It allows automating processes with paying out employees, freelancers or investors whilst saving time and introducing operational efficiencies. This will be followed by DeFi Loans and Derivatives related products that will be serviced through an aggregated protocol providing best in class UX. 
Moreover, Helis has launched pilot programs with Nexo, Kyber Network, Loopring and more. Helis will be iterating and developing the payroll product for these enterprises to be enhanced taking into consideration new process flows and business requirements as a result of the pilot program. Future roadmap items include loans and derivative-based products.
The Helis token is a multi-utility token that will be used to govern the decentralised payment network. HELIS will be used: in Bonding and Governance, Network Fees and Staking Mechanism.
The project has a solid team that consists of 5 team members with great working experience. It's worth to notice that their advisor Reuben Bramanathan is ex-Product Lead, and Counsel in Coinbase. Dynal Patel, Senior Product Manager at Cardano, is leading the product strategy.
Tokenomics looks solid and reasonable enough. Hardcap is $4,000,000. The project will not conduct an ICO or IEO. Helis has only Seed and Private rounds. Seed round has bonded tokens - 50,000,000 HELIS (16.7% of total supply).
Helis has a Bridge Toll Model like LTO Network. There is a dynamic fee using the bridge toll model to convert bonded tokens to unbonded. This is primarily to prevent dumping and increase community incentivisation and participation, adoption of the enterprise products, etc.
Overall, we believe in a strong potential of the project and will keep looking on it more deeply.
We strongly advice to take a deeper look at the project and join their community at the stage when nobody knows about it yet. 

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