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HBCU Crypto aims to empower African Americans through a decentralized ecosystem that puts power back into the hands of marginalized people.
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Digital currencies continue to evolve, and we seek to contribute our revolutionary ideas to the world of digital currency. The HBCUR coin is not merely decentralized but also an autonomous token system. Decentralization ensures that your tokens are not placed under a single server structure, where it is vulnerable to government regulations or cyber manipulation. In contrast, autonomy ensures that it operates based on automated agreeing rules and principles assigned with codes without human intervention. Our primary target is to rebuild and heal victims of morbid history, African Americans, through digital finance innovations.

This project token is a decentralized peer-to-peer digital financial platform created under an open source license, integrating built-in-cryptocurrency, decentralized market place and end-to-end encrypted messaging to ensure utmost privacy of your transactions.

Our project will also give credence to history, providing accessible information on the history of slavery, considering both current and future dynamics, while also complementing the efforts of diligent individuals working on policies and laws that would address the impact of slavery through reparations.


  • The first-quarter of 2022

  • Post-development and Transition-

    We are now reaching our first milestone of 100k users within the eco-community. We are getting prepared to deploy more innovations and advancements such as our staking wallets, as well as the KYC user platform. HBCU has also added POS to our POW platform technology. As the new technology of POS opens new doors for our community, we intend on migrating over to this platform as well.

    We have and will continue to use our mobile mining platform as the flexibility offered by this participation is the key to our success. Now we will begin to transition into the blockchain in a 3-phase transition. We are first, moving from mobile mining to staking wallets for all our members as we open on the blockchain. Next, build our value in our POS platform. Then finally, moving out our POW blockchain as we develop our exchange. Members, as well as the open public we are able to purchase our tokens, then our coins.
  • The third-quarter of 2022

  • Integration of Additional intelligent contract platforms-

    By the third quatre of 2022, We will begin work on the subsequent development of our Blockchain “Multi-level Marketing Project.” When this platform is finally deployed, we will offer all our participants within the ecosystem the opportunity to upgrade to marketing members. This advancement provides all the utilities and flexibility provided by the mobile mining platform; that is; Our HBCU members will be able to do the ery same thing they are doing on our mobile mining app but earn “commission rates” of valued HBCUR tokens in the process. HBCU will also be working on our mission of healing by creating a “Mental Health Insurance Blockchain,” this technology will assist in revamping a very old outdated system, in helping private practice small businesses and mental health agencies of not having to wait on delayed payments from the insurance industry for services completed. Lastly, we will also be introducing our blockchain crowdfunding and blockchain pooling to help business startups coming into the blockchain community.
  • The first-quarter of 2023

  • Transition into the Green community

    HBCU will be transitioning into the green sector, the first crypto company to create a smart-educational-self-sustaining modern farming community. We are very excited about this venture and hope to duplicate this model globally to help areas that need life quality resources in this sector.


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