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GRUN Token

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GRUN.Finance is a DeFi project that aims to open up the Carbon Credit markets to the general public, specifically the crypto community. This will allow users to invest in future market growth and to reduce their carbon footprints through carbon offset.

The GRUN.Finance ecosystem will be built on BSC network & comprises of GRUN Token the native system token, a native carbon credit token, a token factory that transform any tokens into carbon neutral tokens, a DEX-AMM exclusively for carbon credit & carbon neutral tokens and a staking pool to further reward owners of GRUN Token.

GRUN Token has frictionless staking, liquidity & carbon offset mechanism built-in. With every transaction 6% tax will be deducted & automatically redistributed as shown: 3% to GRUN Token owners, 2% to DEX’s liquidity pools where GRUN is listed, 1% for carbon offset.
Pre Sale
Oct 15, 2021
Nov 15, 2021
100% completed
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Token Details
Total supply
Token Distribution
Amount % of Total Supply
Treasury - Reserves 500,000,000 25%
Treasury - LP 250,000,000 12.5%
Stakeholders 350,000,000 17.5%
Ecosystem Partners 350,000,000 17.5%
Airdrop / Bounty 50,000,000 2.5%
Token Sale 500,000,000 25%
Accepted Currencies
Company Details
Registered Company Name
IP2P Global Ltd
Registered Country
Cayman Islands
Company Founded
Dec 15, 2015
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About GRUN Token

GRUN.Finance is a DeFi project based on Carbon Credits. The GRUN.Finance’s ecosystem will be initially launched on BSC network and when fully completed will comprised of :
  1. GRUN Token, the native system token, 
  2. a native carbon credits backed token that can be issued in multiple series,
  3. a token factory that converts any tokens into carbon neutral tokens, 
  4. a DEX-AMM exclusively for carbon credit & carbon neutral tokens, and 
  5. a staking pool for GRUN Token owners.


What makes GRUN.Finance project unique

 I) Anyone can now invest in carbon credits

The GRUN.Finance project will allow ANYBODY to purchase carbon credits for investment purpose. This is achieved by tokenizing the standard carbon credit size of 1 tCO2e into tokens equivalent to 1 kgCO2e each.

II) Exact carbon offset matching

Currently, existing carbon credit tokens like MCO2 & UPCO2 are also based on the standard size of 1 token = 1 tCO2e. That means an NFT issuer who consumes about 50 - 70 kgCO2e (calculations using: for minting an NFT will not be able to match their carbon offset. 

III) Any user can create their own carbon neutral tokens. 

The GRUN.Finance’s Token Factory will also allow any token owners to transform any tokens into Carbon Neutral Tokens.

    What makes the GRUN Token unique

 The GRUN Token’s structure was inspired by SafeMoon token and is a clone of the WORLD Token. Unlike other similar tokens, GRUN Token is actually backed by a carbon credit ecosystem and token owners can share the ecosystem income through the Staking Pool. 

GRUN Token Roadmap

  • 15/10/2021

  • GRÜN token private and public sales through an IDO campaign.
  • 18/12/2021

  • GRÜN token investment & tracking website
  • 31/12/2021

  • Start development of GRÜN-FACTORY & GRÜN-SWAP.
  • 28/2/2022

  • Completion and launch of GRÜN-FACTORY & GRÜN-SWAP
  • Read More
  • 30/3/2022

  • Targeted first issuance of grTOKEN
  • 29/4/2022

  • Accounts opening with carbon credit exchanges.
  • 30/5/2022

  • Launch of GRÜN-STAKE and issuance of GRÜNX tokens.
  • 15/6/22

  • First Issuance of GRÜNCC token
  • 1/8/2022

  • Governance protocol community discussions.
  • 15/11/2022

  • Implementation of governance protocol.


30 Days Growth:
30 Days Growth:

GRUN Token Team

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Rashdan Ibrahim
Executive Director
James Loy
Asep Susanto
Marketing Director
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