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Effective solutions ensuring proper governance for blockchain projects of all sizes
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About Governor

Decentralized Governance (DAOs) By delegating ownership decisions to token holders, blockchain projects open an entirely new set of incentives for participation. Reduced founder liability By decentralizing project ownership, founders and core team members retain less legal liability and have a more open framework to experiment with. This also alleviates the security risk of centralized keyholders. Aligned token holder interests Token holders benefit immediately from their good behavior, as their participation positively impacts the value of their investments.
Ease of contribution Governance rights make it straightforward for any tokenholder to contribute meaningfully to the project they support. No on-boarding or firewall to keep out would-be contributors! Equity retained from initial raise Ownership of capital raised, pre-launch or otherwise, can be attributed to token holders. This eliminates the possibility of founders running off with the cash. Our protocol offers several services as part of the Governance-as-a-Service (GaaS) sandbox for any project to ensure their governance model works out of the box. Why do DAOs need GaaS? No community-led project, DAO or otherwise, has gotten the governance formula quite right.   If decentralized governance is gone about incorrectly, the entire project is placed in jeopardy.  

Governor Roadmap

  • q1 2021

  • GDAO Staking
    Gleam Campaign Launch
    $GDAO added to Vision APP
    Ocean Grant Awarded Listing
    DefiLlama Listing
    First DeFi Friday
    100% Airdrop Claim Available
    Partnership with Finnovant
    Meeting With Crypto Legislator from Wyoming
    Unclaimed Airdrop Rewards concluded
    Governor DAO YouTube & Theta Content Creation
    Governor’s Code of Ethics established
    Airdrop Ended
  • q2

  • Formalize Business Development Operations
    Launch of Proof of Existence Token on Test Net
    Establishment of Governance-as-a-Service
    Engagement with United States Legislators
    Staking Mines Closed
    Meeting with Kansas Legislators & State Representatives.
    Promotion of New Wallet With Affiliated Tech
    Campaigns & Promotion of Proof of Existence Token
    Liquidity Pools Extended through Geyser
  • q3

  • Investment into and Acquisition of DeFi Platforms
    Gleam Proof of Existence campaign
    SEO Campaign Launched
    All-in-One Mobile Application for all GDAO Affairs
    Data Verification and Hosting for Third Party Providers
    Transition to 100% DAO Ownership
    Launch Governance 2.0 Vault
    Formation of DAOs around the Governor Ecosystem
    Exploration of Additional Governance Improvements
  • q4

  • Development of Proof of Existence Governance Concepts.
    Push partnerships and data aggregation avenues
    Sub Dao Development & Real World Application
    Privacy & Data Node Exploration.
    Legislation Pushed Around VeriTech.


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Governor Team

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Green Jeff
Chief Finance Officer & Solidity Engineer
Michael Side
Internal Communications Lead & Project Manager
Jon Greenwood
Head of Communications & Community Liaison
FrontEnd Solidity Developer
Cody Dyer
Head of Business Development & Chief Data Scientis...
Position Vacant
Marketing Executive
Justin Sikes
Lead Graphic Designer
Lead FrontEnd Developer

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