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A decentralized canonical knowledge graph.
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About Golden

The world is lacking a decentralized graph of canonical knowledge that is open, free, permissionless and incentivizes agents to enter data into the graph.

The vision is to create a protocol that maps the 10 billion entities that exist and the public knowledge that surrounds them.

Golden is on a mission to map and generate human knowledge in order to accelerate discovery and education. They are using machine intelligence to build the world’s first self-constructing knowledge database making it easier to explore and contribute to public and private knowledge. Golden leverages human effort by using machine intelligence to make the process of gathering and communicating knowledge more simple. 

Golden’s first paid product is the Golden Research Engine. It is designed to help people in organizations stay current with, understand, and leverage the latest trends in their industry. It combines a powerful search across millions of entities in the Golden Knowledge Base, exotic types of entities you cannot normally query, fine-grained alerts to stay on top of changes, and semi-automatic research assistance for any gaps in our knowledge. It’s available via the web interface, API or integration to classic CRMs.

Golden has been designed from the start to encourage a deep, extensive view on knowledge. If an extremely niche topic is valuable to just a handful of people and positively contributes to society, it will have a home on Golden. Some initial areas of our focus will include core topics on science, technology, and business, but also on the leading edges of research and investigation in these fields.


Triples -  the atomic unit  of knowledge

Triples, also known as fact triples or SPO triples, are the elemental building blocks of facts that link entities together forming a graph. They are the atoms that build the universe of knowledge as we know it.

The protocol supports a rich set of triples types, qualifiers and associated evidence. The triple graph can be used to power Dapps and services that require fundamental knowledge.


Consensus and  graph validated

Each agent can submit triples to be validated, and, if accepted, will be rewarded tokens.

Validators and predictions from the knowledge graph itself decide if triples are accepted.

In essence, the protocol incentivizes the knowledge graph construction while defending against gaming attacks.


 They have opened many features up to users, ranging from being able to lodge data requests for free, to a suite of knowledge tools, a new Pro tier, and upgrades to existing Enterprise customers. First off, they are allowing all users to request data using the Research Request feature - you can lodge canonical data requests and Golden research systems will go find the information and email you when found. Requests can be in the form of a query, i.e. ‘find me a complete list of all animal related crypto currencies’ or maybe you want a complete profile on a topic or entity, like an understanding of whale conservation technology or an electric plane company, or maybe you just need a single data attribute, for example, what is the DSSTox ID of Baricitinib? This mechanism helps fill out the Golden Knowledge Graph, while maintaining the privacy of your request and saving you time having to trawl through the web to get the data you need.

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