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GameX is a NextGEN Gaming Cryptocurrency which will be use on specific GameX projects like GameX Marketplace, Indie Game Development Club and GPU Mining Hubs.
Jan 6, 2018
Feb 1, 2018
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About GameX

What is GameX?
GameX is a crypto currency (specifically, a token) that is built on Waves Platform (like SRN and Envion on Ethereum Platform).

What is the purpose of GameX? Why create it?
As you have noticed, we are living a new era that is called “Crypto Currency”. Thanks to some idealist minds, we are changing the flow of river for every aspect of life. Breaking bonds and centralization with people-powered platforms. To that end, we believe that gaming community may also benefit from such approach and start using it’s own cryptocurrency for financial transactions. Decentralization, that is the new way!

Where will I use these GAMEX?
GameX has three startup projects that you will be able to use your hard-earned GAMEX to spend. These are GameX Marketplace, In-die Club and GPU Mining Hub.Also, you can hold your GAMEX for future investments or exchange it with other cryptocurrencies.

How can I trust GameX?
Honestly, you can’t trust us or other similar ICOs without question and with a perfect ease of mind. When we invest to such projects, we actually take and accept the risk of losing our investment, like our team did on SRN and ENV. We never can be sure that they will hold their part of the bargain like you can’t be sure for the same about us. Suprised that we don’t use words of “We are like that, we are like this!”? Well, we choose to be transparent because we sit on the same chair that you are on right now. All we can say that, we believe in our project and have a great motivation for it. We will bring it to life whatever the outcome of ICO will be. ICO is a phase to expand our team and improve our equipments with taking community support. We think it as an extra, not as the essence of life.

GameX Roadmap

  • Founding GameX - Q4 2017

  • GameX has been founded at the end of 2017 by Orkun "Kraeius" Hirlas after issuing GameX token on Waves Platform and registering the platform's domain,
  • Semi-Public Pre-sale and ICO Stage - Q1 2018

  • GameX's semi-public ICO stage has been completed in January 2018. ICO was active for 2 weeks.
  • Token Distribution - Q1 2018

  • Investor, Bounty Hunters, 1st AirDrop and Social Gamers campaign tokens have been distributed to their rightful owners. 160k GX has been distributed in that period.
  • GX Alliance - Q1 2018

  • GameX's user loyalty program that lets its users earn GX with conducting different activities has been released in March. It skyrocketed the popularity of GameX. Just in March, GameX had around 1 million unique visitors and around 40k registered members.
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  • Exchange Listing - Q1 2018

  • GameX is listed on exchange which has around $40 million market capacity.
  • GX Raffe Store - Q1 2018

  • At the end of the March 2018, GameX has released it's new store that lets its users buy tickets and join the raffles to have a chance to win video games.
  • Consul and Ambassador of Waves Platform - Q2 2018

  • GameX's Founder, Orkun "Kraeius" Hirlas has joined to Waves Platform as Consul and Ambassador to expand the mass adoption of WAVES and Waves-based tokens in April 2018.
  • GX Faucet - Q2 2018

  • GX Faucet a simple faucet with its traditional features has been added to the platform in May 2018. Users are able to claim GX tokens hourly.
  • GX Playground - Q2 2018

  • GX Playground has been implemented in the GameX Platform which lets its users earn GX tokens while playing HTML5 games and having fun. GX Playground is powered by GameX's official partner, Cloud Games.


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