Mech Infinity

Mech Infinity

Battle Royale

We are building Mech Infinity because we are passionate about creating video games. It is what we love and we understand that Blockchain based video games is the future of gaming. A future where USERS are the real owners of the games. A future in which users can play, buy and control their own assets as well as be rewarded for their effort and skill.

Thanks to organizations such as Sky Mavis, who empower Users to become owners or their data and digital activity, that future is closer than ever.

We understand what Axie Infinity and its community represents for the future of the video gaming industry and we would love to impart our experience, energy and effort toward the collective future of video gaming.


Mech Infinity is a Battle Royal video game based on the Axie Infinity universe in which the Users/Holders of Axies can acquire Axies Mech and participate in epic battles with chance to win rewards in cryptoassets, such as SLP, AXS, or NFT.

Axie Mechs will be the core of the game, they will have different base bodies just like there are different types of Axie (Beast, Bug, Mech, Plant, Reptile, Dusk, Aqua, Bird, Dawn). Axies can only use an Axie Mech if they are the same type.


The Mystery Box is the way in which you can access incredible Mech, weapons and pieces of great value for the game. There will be two main Mystery Boxes: Big Mystery Box and Small Mystery Box although more types may be added depending on seasons or game design adjustments.


The NFT Lands will be the structural unit in Mech Infinity, there the Battle Arenas, Training Arenas and Mech Garages will be created also there is where the professional eSport circuits will work.

The Lands can be acquired in the Marketplace by an individual user or in association with others, to be leased, exploited or sold freely in the community.