Galaxis (XLS)

Galaxis (XLS)

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Galaxis, a first-of-its-kind decentralized smart contracts platform, is built on the basis of selective privacy, enabling various users to both run and store private data, while simultaneously providing instant, feeless transactions.
Mar 1, 2018
May 31, 2018
100% completed
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About Galaxis (XLS)


Galaxis aims to be the first optionally private, infinitely scalable and decentralized platform in the blockchain space. Smart contracts were a major step forward, but are not privacy-based by their nature; 'secret contracts' are just a layered solution to be placed on top of existing chains, a short-term fix that will not make the cut for mass adoption since users are still required to  build on the existing foundation.  Let's face it, blockchain platforms, as they are currently comprised, are fundamentally flawed. Up until now, cryptocurrencies have all either sacrificed security, decentralization or speed in order to specialize in one or two of the three pillars, all of which are essential for mass adoption to take place. These are the issues that Galaxis is aiming to tackle head-on.

Galaxis (XLS) Roadmap

  • 2019

  • In Q4 2018 we registered corporation as Galaxis INC.

    $50k invested by co-founder

    Hired freelancer in marketing to help improving communication to investors

    Hired developing company from abroad to create better wireframing demo with invision.

    Pitched at few events. St Pete greenhouse and Tampa bay wave.
  • 2020

  • $100k Loan by Developing company to build platform.

    Completion of Galaxis full infrastructure design - Wireframing and requirement gathering.

    Including product, services, content copyrights, NFT, advertising and sponsorships marketplaces.

    Security features are included. The security is improved by using the experience function.

    Industry specialists were consulted to fine-tune the Galaxis application in terms of server scalability and security.

    To create the groundwork for the app's launch and onboard early adopters, reach out to social media influencers and small to medium-sized enterprises in the United States.

    Pitched startup at newchip upon program completion.
  • 2021

  • USD $50k invested by professional investor found on angel network.

    Hired UX/UI/Project manager freelancer to finish our project.

    Internal mobile application UX/UI design.

    Ecosystem added features.

    Hired an amazing director of communications to improve message.

    Hired cryptocurrency/blockchain expert to help create token.

    Token Migration work - smart contracts.

    Discord channel community created. Searching for manager.

    Twitter account created.

    Website revamp - added roadmap & crypto.

    Found more support from influencers with millions of followers.

    Added NFT 1.0 into our marketplace.

    Team expansion - TBD upon funding.

    Phase development of Galaxis for launch TBD.

    Slyx coin creation and launch.

    Coinmarket Cap listing.

    Coingecko listing.

    Coinbase price listing.
  • 2022

  • Achieve big investment

    Hire full team

    Increase server infrastructure

    Q1 2022 Minimum viable product launch - Expedited contracts

    Q3 2022 Full viable product launch - full ecosystem

    YouTube/TikTok/Meta collaborations with influencers

    Achieved biggest online sponsorship in crypto and dollars

Galaxis (XLS) Team

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Tao Minoru
Founder & CEO
Da Kohaku
Ashton Linker
Senior Software Engineer
Carter Hilliard
Senior Software Engineer

Galaxis (XLS) Last News

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