FutureWorks (FTW)

FutureWorks (FTW)

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Feb 13, 2018

FutureWorks is a custom-built film donation blockchain.
Jan 29, 2018
Feb 18, 2018
100% completed
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Goal 100 000.00 USD
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About FutureWorks (FTW)

This new blockchain technology that has been groundbreaking since 2008 is making big waves. Dream Comet Studios invented a new blockchain on the main Ethereum network with custom smart contracts. Anthony Daniel wanted to create something that feels like a real reward for donating to us. We only have one goal in mind and that is to create original content with help from supporters. Remember, if you plan to donate to our cause please use an ERC-20 compliable wallet such as MyEtherWallet.com. Please do not use an exchange wallet address. Your tokens will be lost. Down below is how the tokens will be allocated.


FutureWorks will solve a problem for independent filmmakers, which is finding the budget of a project. 

FutureWorks (FTW) Roadmap

  • 01/29/2018 to 04/01/2018 (~Q1/2018)

  • We will be open to collecting donations from the crypto community to gather funding to fund future motion picture projects. At the end of this phase we will use only 30% of the value to put towards projects. This token is aimed to be listed on only three crypto exchanges during this phase.
  • 04/01/2018 to 10/30/2018 (~Q2+Q3/2018)

  • Start using funds to development our first motion picture under the token. We ensure that one title will be made under FutureWorks tokens in 2018. The token will also be listed on more crypto exchanges (~10 – 30 crypto exchanges).
  • 10/31/2018 to 02/01/2019 (~Q4/2018)

  • At this point in time, we will have released our first project that used FutureWorks tokens. The token will only be listed on the top eight crypto exchanges that it has performed the best on. This is set to be the phase where the project will donate a fixed percent of its profits back into the token supply. We also plan to accept partnerships at the start of 2019.
  • JANUARY, 2018

  • Pre-collections & Generating support for FutureWorks.
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  • JANUARY, 2018

  • Pre-collections & Generating support for FutureWorks.
  • FEBUARY, 2018

  • Have token get listed on 3 crypto exchanges.
  • MARCH, 2018

  • Donors from our pre-collection can sell their tokens.
  • April, 2018

  • Announce and prepare for our first project.
  • MAY to SEPTEMBER, 2018

  • Pre-Production, Production, and Post-Production.
  • OCTOBER, 2018

  • Set to release our first project worldwide.
  • NOVEMBER, 2018

  • Start working on more projects for 2019.
  • DECEMBER, 2018

  • Open partnerships. We also hope everyone enjoys their holidays.


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FutureWorks (FTW) Team

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Anthony Daniel

FutureWorks (FTW) Interviews

Anthony Daniel
As a team member, сan you tell us about your role in the ICO project? What do you think about idea?
The FutureWorks token was invented by Anthony Daniel who is the CEO of Dream Comet Studios. We focus on creating original motion pictures and taking care of our supporters in a fun creative way. FutureWorks is built on the groundbreaking blockchain technology. Dream Comet Studios has two feature films that have been distributed throughout the world on major platforms like Hulu, Amazon, inDemand, DirectTV, Spectrum, BestBuy.com and many more media outlets. Both films combined have grossed over $80,000 USD. This project is about creating art well making our donors feel special. With almost a million tokens gifted and over 100,000 website hits in less than two weeks, now is your chance to join the growing network of supporters from across the globe.

FutureWorks (FTW) Last News

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