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FUTR is a utility derivative enabled via the Futureum Smart Contract and powered by the Ethereum Virtual Machine. By employing a Fibonacci algorithm in the process of undertaking a reverse-mining of Ether (ETH), FUTR simulate Ether Derivatives Contracts while giving miners whitelisted early access to similar future product releases. Created by a former Ethereum developer in combination with leading financial engineers, FUTR offer miners not only core Blockchain utility but Ether-based derivative utility functions.
Jan 5, 2018
Feb 9, 2018
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About Fuetereum(FUTR)

The Futereum Project has three Blockchain build-out objectives:

  1. Build a replica Ether-equivalent token with a dramatically-reduced supply for use within a more financially-sophisticated community of adopters (FUTR) in order to expand the use-case of the Ethereum network in terms of initiating new value-events. This is in response to similar expansions of smart-enabled Blockchain technology use-case expansions that have been taking place with respect to the development of currencies such as XRP, EOS, ICX etc.
  2. Build for purchasers of the Futereum digital currencies a more equitably-distributed ownership of Ether which is the digital currency of the Blockchain which Futereum is powered by. At the same time, we acknowledge that earlier and more active participants in the FUTR mining process should receive a disproportionate share of this equitable distribution of Ether.
  3. Build a range of value-enhanced utility tokens that are powered by the Ethereum Virtual Machine and run multiple Futereum Smart Contracts as a result of harnessing the combination of the primary two aims on PoW-style mining protocol algorithms. Our aim is to empower the value-enhancement potential we believe is inherent in the Ethereum smart contract solution source code and which we think is currently being underemployed to a very substantial degree in terms of the core development of next-generation Blockchain solutions.


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