Frenchie Network

Frenchie Network

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Created using Figma
At Frenchie Network our goal and top priority is to create a viable, fast & zero fees blockchain network that can compete head-to-head with DOGE blockchain, yet smarter and faster with an extremely low inflation that can sustain an real-world economy.
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About Frenchie Network

Our secondary goal and priority is to create a friendly community on which we could make a change in the world, by creating a “#FrenchieSavesTheWorld” funds and movement on which our community can support our current world fragile environment. Since #COVID-19 a lot of people are out in the streets and without jobs. We will do “live” events in which we will buy groceries and supplies across the world for families and kids in need, for orphanages, and street-people. Why? Why not going for the animal kingdom? Its simple as “If we cannot take care of our own human race, how can
we solve the other world problems?” . So we take it in our sight to solve the friction of fees and the bad user experience of all cryptocurrencies that are on-market and to empower people back in order to create a positive feedback loop in the world with the power of Frenchie Network & Token. Our third goal and yet one of the utmost priority from which the first two will not be possible is our Community Culture. We believe that without a strong community that has the traits of our beloved French Bulldogs it would be impossible to succeed in such crypto competitive environment.
- Intelligent - Exactly like a ‘Frenchie’ we don’t listen to fear, uncertainty and doubt or watch charts 24/7. But we find ways to work smart, research innovative technologies, and implement them in our token and network.
- Friendly - A French Bulldog is very friendly, kind and playful. We do not turn people away based on how much FREN they hold, nor for race, color, creed, gender, sexual preference, or any other factor. We are all a Frenchie Family #FrenFamily, together.



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