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Fornicoin is the cryptocurrency for adult transactions and purchases. It benefits both the producer and consumer by saving both money and time. Furthermore, the traditional problems of adult related transactions are removed using Fornicoin. Current services charge excessive fees, permit chargebacks, take excessively long and are visible to others. Fornicoin addresses these problems by providing low fees, no chargebacks, near instant transactions and privacy. Fornicoin further provides benefits by filtering and providing a platform for the adult industry. Content producers can become a part of the Fornicoin platform and accept Fornicoin token for the benefit of speed and frugality.
Jan 5, 2018
Feb 20, 2018
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Dec 19, 2017
Jan 5, 2018
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About Fornicoin

Payment on the Fornicoin network is private. You never submit your private data so nobody can access it. You will never have to worry about embarrassing credit card bills anymore.

As a result of the direct nature of the Fornicoin network, content producers and consumers can deal directly without an intervening third party. This makes transactions faster,
cheaper and more secure.

Funds are transferred instantly giving you access to the content you want in a matter of seconds and paying the content creator at the same time. All transactions can be publicly verified.

Our content partners provide special access to limited edition material that they will personally create or curate. You thank them by using Fornicoin and promoting a good relationship in the adult space.

Fornicoin Roadmap

  • 2017 Q1

  • - Initial conception of Fornicoin.
    - Feasibility study and investigation.
    - On-boarding of team members.
  • 2017 Q2

  • - Development of the Fornicoin token
    - Alpha testing of token
    - Development of Fornicoin smart contract
  • 2017 Q3

  • - Beta testing of token.
    - Begin approaching content producers
    - Promote adoption of token
    - Development of the Fornicoin platform
  • 2017 Q4

  • - Development of the Fornicoin website
    - Write Fornicoin Whitepaper
    - Release of the Fornicoin website
    - Release whitepaper
    - FXX Token presale
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  • 2018 Q1

  • - Identify and collaborate with content creators. Including both commercial and amateur creators in a wide range of areas.
    - Payment integration and connection
    - FXX Token ICO (Initial Coin Offering)
  • Q2 2018

  • - List Fornicoin on cryptocurrency exchanges
    - Further development of the platform
    - Marketing to consumers
  • Q3 & Q4 2018

  • - Continue marketing drive.
    - Streamline payments process.
    - Add more content producers to the ecosystem
    - Increase privacy and anonymity on the network


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