Finebit Token

Finebit Token

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Created using Figma
FineBit Token® is a derived digital asset, the value of which is backed-secured by a guarantee in gold.
Aug 27, 2021
Sep 30, 2021
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About Finebit Token

"FineBit®' ' is the first decentralized fundraising, Crypto token, and Initial DEX
Offering (IDO) token on the Binance blockchain. Intending to make investing
in the future of decentralized finance easy and accessible to everyone,
FineBit® empowers Finance-based projects with the ability to raise liquidity
reasonably while also developing dedicated communities behind them. In
addition, "FineBit® '' brought the capabilities of traditional venture capital to
anyone through fair launches and democratized allocations. So decided to
take a revolutionary step in the crypto market with a charming combination
of digital and physical currency (Gold). This excellent token gets powered
through the FineBit® Token (FBT). FBT is a gold-backed secure Token®
worldwide for the future of investing, which means every FTB will store a
value of real gold of our Goldmine. So every FineBit® owner has the
opportunity to tokenize their value in "FineBit® Token" for the equivalent in
real gold (bars/coins/ nuggets)

FBT is a gold-backed secure Token® worldwide for the future of investing.
Every FTB will store a value of real gold of our Goldmine. So every FineBit®
Token owner has the opportunity to tokenize their value in "FineBit® Token"
for the equivalent in real gold. FineBit® Token Price (1 Token) 1.13 USD.

Immediate liquidity
Increase positive price pressure and Decrease volatility in digital asset
Lower the barrier for entry to a more advanced economic ecosystem
Immediate trading
Provide a Very safe passage to withdraw their incentives within a short
Operate as a community-driven and community-focused digital asset,
fully decentralized in every sense of the word.
Lower costs for listing.
""FineBit®" token mission is to make DeFi accessible and fair for everyone.
Therefore, we have decided to build a "FineBit®" token with some benefits
over other tokens. "FineBit®" wants to make a decentralized trading token
that fulfils the real needs of the enterprise to support efficient digital asset
management, lightning payment services, and trading to keep the user to the
same ease of use and speed as a centralized token. Efficient, fully usercontrolled, and secure with the current centralizedsystem's processing
potential and user experience. "FineBit®" is the first decentralized
fundraising and Initial DEX Offering (IDO) token, so IDOs have some benefits
that may make them more attractive than others.

The ''FineBit®" token is the first decentralized fundraising, Crypto token, and
Initial DEX Offering (IDO) token on the Finance Blockchain. Individuals and
enterprises can trade or transact on the ''FineBit®" token on the top of FBT.
The FBT trade occurs on BEP20 tokens real Gold coins. Transactions are
facilitated through a potent trading engine that can process payment or
redemption transactions at a remarkably very high speed. 'FineBit®" is
designed with the needs of the international crypto trader, enterprise, and
wealth manager. It has a fully decentralized digital asset management
network, trading token, and global payments system. 'FineBit® ' plans to
solve the problems that exist with centralized tokens, namely, scalability,
security vulnerabilities, low transaction processing, interoperability, and
guarantees for transaction processing are prevalent issues. Traders can
keep their funds, access private keys, and transaction information is secure
and transparent. It is a fully autonomous and democratic token

Several people do not try to access
cryptocurrency because they do not understand
its procedure. Its procedure is straightforward.
Any ordinary person can easily use it. The
"FineBit®" token is clear so that anyone can use

FineBit®" uses of blockchain offer security by
not relying on another third party, which prevents
data leaks, and allows users to maintain control
of their tokens. In addition, token holders will be
able to propose governance changes and vote
on others.

FineBit® Token will enable different challengers
to unlock different types of potential markets,
and also it will allow the current needs to be more
liquid and efficient for all the individuals, and the
investors will be able to control their digital


Finebit Token Roadmap

  • The FineBit Idea was born
    FineBit® backed-secure
    decentralized Token Idea was born.
    FineBit® is a bridge between the
    crypto world and real goods #gold.
  • Further Steps
    Finebit® Website and Token
    development. Initiate marketing
    measures. Patent registration
    Finebit Token®. Application for
    IDO investor protection 20.5
    million USD.
  • Marketing Campagion 25/05/2021
    Starting In- and outbound social
    marketing (Twitter/Facebook and
    so on) Parts of the IDO funds are
    invested in global marketing to
    make the FineBit Token® even
    better known
  • Starting Token Sale IDO
    Open the Token Sale for all
    Investors who wants to participate
    into the success of FineBit®
    Worldwide. FineBit® Token Sale is
    Protected during the IDO with 20.5
    million USD against Scam.
  • Read More
  • after crowdsale
    Plan and implement for listing on
    the Exchanges Hotbit, Binance,
    1Inch, Pancakeswap. Re-Invest in
    our Token on the Exchanges.
  • Expansion of Production
    After Crowdsale expanding of
    Gold Production in our Gold Mines
    and expansion of new markets
  • Selling our FineBit® gold coin. 31/12/2021
    The sale of our FineBit® gold coins
    with our own embossing is being
    forced. Limited number of pieces.
  • Plan 2022...
    Roadmap 2022 coming soon


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