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FNU represents the right to receive a part of Fiinu Ltd. profits, that is transferred to an Ethereum wallet and then redistributed to all FNU holders according to their stakes on the pay-out date.
Risk: High
Oct 9, 2017
Dec 9, 2017
100% completed
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Goal 20 000.00 ETH
Cap 400 000.00 ETH
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    1 ETH
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United Kingdom
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Cryptocurrency, Business services

About Fiinu

Fiinu's founders have worked together for nearly ten years and their successes include building and managing a UK-based FinTech company that has lent and recovered over 4.5 million overdraft-style loans with a trade value exceeding £1 billion. Under their management, at its height, the company would have been in the Top 10 of the Deloitte Technology Fast 500 fastest growing technology companies in the world with nearly 35,000% revenue growth over a five-year period.

Fiinu's core team has gone through the full UK-bank licence authorisation process once before, for a well-established family office, and have built a digital banking platform from scratch. Combined, they have a wide range of dedicated skills, experience and understanding of what it takes to earn a UK-bank licence.

Fiinu's leadership team has an extensive experience in financial services, and well-developed regulatory know-how developing and designing risk management frameworks, strategies and managing regulated financial services companies. They also have practical experience in carrying out the stress tests and implementing Basel III, ICAAP, ILAAP, RRP and related risk governance, risk appetite and capital management policies.

With technology at the heart of Fiinu and no legacy systems or expensive brick and mortar branches on the high street, the bank can deliver the latest technology innovations, which live on your phone.

Fiinu is currently undergoing a full bank licence authorisation process with the Bank of England regulators, the Prudential Regulation Authority and the Financial Conduct Authority and has been developing and testing its smart credit products since the beginning of the year.


  • Digital Asset Marketplace
    Fiinu will form alliances and strategic partnerships with the leading digital asset exchanges.
    Using APIs to integrate best-in-class services from across the market, Fiinu will provide its customers with direct in-app access to the world's most active digital asset exchanges, and will enable them to trade bitcoin and other digital assets just as securely, easily and flexibly as traditional assets classes.
    This arrangement also benefits the exchange, as all customers with linked accounts can execute near-instant transactions in the national currency to and from their Fiinu account to a digital asset exchange.
  • Blockchain-Based Settlements
    In addition to traditional payment schemes (Faster Payments Service, Bacs, CHAPS, SEPA & SWIFT), Fiinu is committed to join at least one large blockchain-based settlement network that allows the most efficient mechanism to process and settle payments, enabling Fiinu's customers access to alternative, low-cost remittance options.
  • Digital-Asset-Backed Credit
    Fiinu's customers can take out a loan denominated and repaid in the national currency that is collateralised by their digital assets, without having to liquidate the digital holdings. Initially the bank will accept FNU, BTC and ETH and is expecting to add other popular digital assets in the future.
    This gives Fiinu's customers with digital assets (which are not consistently recognised by traditional lenders) access to capital-on-demand to cover their daily Fiat-money expenses while maintaining their long position in a chosen asset as well as help plan tax-events.
    Throughout the loan lifecycle, Fiinu will monitor the value of the underlying collateral and keeps it securely stored in smart contract architecture.
  • Personal Current Account (PCA) + Bank Independent Overdraft (BIO)
    Fiinu PCA's come with BIO features, enabling all customers to set up a "safety net" for their current accounts in any other bank to avoid paying high Unarranged Overdraft and Unpaid Item fees and have quick access to a credit line to cover any emergency expenses.
    Fiinu is committed to handle digital asset related transactions as if it is any other traditional asset class broker transaction, without additional scrutiny, to avoid forcing its customers to invent workaround solutions to access their financial wealth.


Blockchain-Based Settlements
Digital-Asset-Backed Credit
Digital Asset Marketplace
Personal Current Account (PCA) + Bank Independent Overdraft (BIO)

Fiinu Roadmap

  • Development of project concept

  • September 2017

  • - Launch
    - Pre-registration open
  • Prototype creation

  • October 2017

  • - Pre-sale
    - Whitepaper and prospectus
  • Read More
  • TransCrypt ALPHA

  • November 2017

  • - ICO
    - Pre-sale proceeds published
  • TSR Closed BETA BTC wallets & transfers

  • December 2017

  • - ICO close
    - Debrief and post PR
  • BCH, LTC wallets & transfers, crypto exchange

  • TSR Public BETA

  • Telegram Integration
    ETH wallets & transfers
  • XRP, Cardano wallets & transfers

  • TransCrypt Public Stable

  • NEO, Stellar wallets & transfers

  • EOS, NEM, Dash wallets & transfers

  • PCI DSS Certification

  • EMI License

  • Launch of the MVP of the Tizer blockchain

  • Launch of fiat transfers
    Buy&Sell Crypto
    TransCrypt debit card
  • Tizer Invest

  • Audit of Tizer blockchain & launch of stable ver.

  • Launch of payment widget for commercial solutions

  • Transfer economics of project to Tizer platform

  • IPO


Fiinu Team

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Marko Sjoblom
CEO, Co-Founder
Andy Briscoe
Katrina Arnold
Non-Executive Director
Indrek Pari
Co-Founder & CTO
Jeegnasha Rawal
Non-Executive Director
David Hopton
Non-Executive Director
Ragnar Eisler
Co-Founder & Head of Credit
Juri Andrusik
Co-Founder & DBA
Rommel Tinoco
Head of DevOps
Albert Owen
Head of Operations
Gokhan Yavuz
Product Owner
Suleyman Ciplak
Senior Software Developer
Mahir Sertkaya
Senior Software Architect
5.0 10
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Fiinu Reviews

Fiinu is a blockchain-ready bank based in the UK. The company plans to offer short-term lending solutions and investment services. Borrowers can use their digital assets as collateral – something they can’t do with traditional banks. Meanwhile, Fiinu will also have features like blockchain-based settlements, allowing customers to enjoy lower fees and faster settlements than ever before.

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