Fearless Feather Flock

Fearless Feather Flock

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Fearless Feather Flock (F3) is founded to recalibrate the misconception that Filipinos commonly have when it comes to the NFT market.
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About Fearless Feather Flock

Along with the recent issues with NFT, it is common for those who are not well-informed about this platform to create false impressions — assuming it’s a scam, a worthless investment which could easily be counterfeited like a JPEG image we commonly find on the internet. On the contrary, what most don’t see is the massive opportunity that this technology offers for everyone.  The flock aims to forge a clear path for all starters, artists, and risk takers by bridging online and real world utilities, which brings a new light into the NFT space. The team aims to tackle these issues and set a new standard to the Filipino NFT space.

  • Community based (not profit based) 
  • Every flocker is welcome with no judgment
  • First Filipino NFT project to create physical tangible long term value for the community
  • Best of both worlds - create new connections virtually and physically 


To aid Filipino starters who are fearful of entering the NFT world, cryptocurrency, and the future of Metaverse.

Be a helping hand not only to those who want to start their journey to financial freedom, but also to those who seeks to develop their current skills with a solid community.

Gradually expose people to the broad opportunities that are awaiting for them beyond their comfort zone.

The team visualizes an inclusive future of NFT across borders and diverse backgrounds — from dummies, artists, students, workers, etc.

We want not only to uplift local artists, but also to be more inclusive for people who are in fear of exploring the unknown world of Metaverse.

The team is working towards the vision to bridge the gap between the digital and real world.

Fearless Feather Flock Roadmap


  • Going Public

    Official announcement of Fearless Feather Flock

    Endorsements & Partnerships

    Collaboration with various talents and brands

    Mint Giveaways

    Would be giving away 1 FREE mint every week to one lucky

    member prior to Flock 1

    Construction Starts

    Start of construction and landscaping

    Free Accommodation

    Multiple tents will be freely available to all discord members asnconstruction commences. Only limited tents will be available, but others can choose to pitch their own tent free of charge
  • FLOCK 1

  • Whitelist Mint
    Minting of our Flock 1 whitelisted NFT

    Public Mint
    Public minting of our Flock 1 NFT

    Free Accommodation Closes
    Free accommodation to all discord members will be closed and will now be limited to F3 holders
  • FLOCK 2

  • Whitelist Mint 2.0
    Minting of our whitelisted Flock 2 NFT (Flock 1 holders would get priority access to Flock 2 minting)

    Public Mint 2.0
    Public minting of our Flock 2 NFT


  • F3 Merch
    Access to exclusive F3 merchandise — including customized stickers, shirts, tumblers, and caps

    Physical flock card
    Exclusive membership card ownership (must be a holder of at least 3 months)

    Further expanding network through connecting with credible endorsers, brands, and SME partnerships

    Flock holders earn passive income by locking NFTs
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  • FLOCK 3

  • Whitelist Mint 3.0
    Minting of our whitelisted Flock 3 NFT (Flock 1/2 holders would get priority access to Flock 3 minting)

    Public Mint 3.0
    Public minting of our Flock 3 NFT


  • Flock Party

    Building and inauguration of our exclusive resort where holders could enjoy exclusive access to the amenities and connect with other members of the flock

    Invite Only Party
    Event exclusive to holders where everyone could connect and build their network

    Flocker Portal
    where holders would access their discounts and perks


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Fearless Feather Flock Team

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Jethro Erno
Community Director
Jonas Antonio
Web Development Director
Alvien Duque
Creative Director
Manila Polygon
Responsible for the external affairs of the compan...

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