Fast Access Blockchain

Fast Access Blockchain

Created using Figma
Created using Figma
Our vision is to bring the future to the present. Fast Access Blockchain is the next generation of public blockchain technology built to be scalable for organizations to grow and easy to use for developers to build applications in the coding language of their choice.
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Feb 17, 2018
Feb 25, 2018
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Platform, Cryptocurrency, Business services, Software, Smart Contract

About Fast Access Blockchain

  • Powerful Scalability
    Powerful scalable architecture, may reach millions of transactions per second.
  • Application Readiness
    Some application will be built on top of FAB are ready including supply-chain and e-marketplace apps.
  • Real Public Blockchain
    Real public blockchain network, gives equal access to everyone, open to public to participate as node freely.
  • Unified Frameworks
    Unified frameworks make adoption or development instant and meet real business requirements.
  • Universal Protocols
    Fine designed protocols not only for scalability use but also for cross chain transactions.
  • For Real Business Use
    FAB network is not only for value transaction, it also covers business affairs.
  • Open Ecosystem
    FAB network will develop an open ecosystem that truly belongs to public and for public use.
  • Shape the Future
    FAB's power architecture and breakthrough innovations will reshape the future.

Fast Access Blockchain Roadmap

  • August, 2014

  • FA is registered as a federal incorporation. Founder Mr. Paul Liu started investing on bitcoin. Started researching blockchain technology. Started reading bitcoin source code.
  • February, 2015

  • Developed blockchain based application Designed decentralized business logic.Developed IP process model. Developed payment and shipment management
  • July, 2015

  • Started researching blockchain scalability problem. Analyzed blockchain theories, methods. Verified hashing functions and signature methods, RSA algorithms usage.
  • January, 2016

  • Team set up, system design started. Researched build trustworthy blockchain quickly by using Bitcoin. Test sign external data by using Bitcion transaction.
    Tried off-chain value mantainence.
  • Read More
  • September, 2016

  • First version blockchain ARK developped from bitcoin finished. Tested ARK blockchain core functions. Analysed forking theoris and posibility. ARK patent applied.
  • October,2016

  • Started 2nd version design. Decided using composition model with three components. Designed foundation chain model. Designed annex chain model.
  • June, 2017

  • KanBan concept introduced in blockchain. SCAR concept created for annex chain. Transaction convertion format decided. Authentication & authorization model designed.
  • September, 2017

  • Whitepaper finished. Seperated base blockchain infrastructure from whole project. Described three components logic theories. Translated it to other languages.
  • February, 2018

  • TGE campaign started. TGE plan and rule released. Legal process finished. Process and management website for TGE launched. Marketing process started. Setup colabration with 3rd party marteting promoters.
  • March, 2018

  • Foundation Blockchain test. Test compatiblity with Bitcoin full node. Test KanBan features. Test SCAR support ability. Test universal address format.
  • June, 2018

  • Annex chain test. Set up load testing annex node. Test features with KanBan.
    Test features for main chain clearance. Test double-spending prevention.
  • August, 2018

  • Integration test. Test all three major components interaction operations. Test variety transaciton cases. Test all the way transaction management and process.
  • October, 2018

  • Universal Middle-ware Layer test. Test universal value framework. Test universal trust framework. Test universal evidence framework. Test universal organization framework.
  • October, 2018

  • Applications test. Test decentralized e-commerce application. Test supply-chain application. Test payment process application.
  • January, 2019

  • Production launch, mining open. Marketed at least 100 node. Mining bunisess adopted by major mining pools.
  • Maintain FAB blockchain for production operation for public adoption. Booming development and application communities.Building future faced and blockchain based cultrue and value system,shape a fair, secure, safe and trustworthy decentralized social environment.


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Fast Access Blockchain Team

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Paul Liu
Founder & President
Ardalan Shojaei
Mohamed El Kandri
Chief Strategy Officer
Fred Li
Management Director
Brian Jacks
Eugene Cofie
Marketing Specialist


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$3 345 118

Sead Muftic
David Murry
Brad Nickel
Dr. Steven F. Browdy

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