World Crypto Conference

Zürich , Switzerland

About World Crypto Conference

World Crypto Conference brings together blockchain industry leaders in Switzerland’s crypto hotspot. The Conference aims to facilitate contacts between participants and to attract international world class speakers and leaders. 

It's an international conference focusing on blockchain, digital currencies, and digital assets. The goal of the WCC is to facilitate the connection between blockchain companies & startups, developers, investors, media and traditional corporates:

Hear from some of the brightest minds in the field of DeFi, NFTs&Metaverse. We will also host some traditional institutions to debate about the role of digital assets within traditional finance.


Stefan Peich
Binance Research
Carl Runefelt
Entrepreneur | Philanthropist | Crypto Expert
Peter Hofmann
Coinbase Switzerland, #1 Crypto Company
Mehdi Farooq
Analyst at Animoca Brands
Luc Froehlich, CFA, CAIA
Global Head of Digital Assets Solutions
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Alexandre Auriol
Account manager | Partnerships Sandbox
Simon Hudson
Founder & CEO at Cheeze, Inc.
Arvin Khamseh
Globally Recognized NFT Marketing Expert
Felix Mago
Luisa Gaburova
Chief Executive Officer Deply
Mark Banner
Co-founder & CEO @ Covario
Jake Murphy
Founder & Creative Director at Clokkemaker
Alice Bo-Wen Chang
Senior Director of Marketing and Public Relations at SecuX Technology Inc.
Jaspreet Randhawa
Founder, Entrepreneur, CEO REVERI
Nicolle Lafosse
Crypto Attorney
Batis Samadian
Founder of SPACE
Niccolò Bardoscia
Quant Trader - Vice President at Intesa Sanpaolo // Head of Virtual Economies at DVERSO
Dr. Martha Boeckenfeld
Advisory BoardAdvisory Board Engage AI Digital
Markus Abbassi
Head of Tokenization at Sygnum
Adriano Bertini
Strategy Lead @ Ledger Enterprise
Alexander Bechtel
Head of DLT and Digital Asset Strategy at Deutsche Bank
Adrian Zdunczyk
Director of Blockchain Labs at IBM
Naeem Aslam
Chief Market Analyst at AvaTrade
Prashant K Singh
Digital Transformation | Customer Experience | Blockchain & Digital Assets
Julien Bouteloup
Founder at Flying Carpet Network
David Silvester
Business Development | Blockchain Enthusiast | Crypto Expert
Alberto Cuculachi
Freelance Communication and Marketing Consultant
Deaimante Planyte
CEO @ DeHotels
Gabriele Pauliukaite
Business Development
Luisa Gaburova
Chief Executive Officer Deply
Karthik Iyer
Alex Philippine
Strategic Advisor


JAN 13, 2023

09:00 - 15:00
Members arrive to Switzerland and prepare for the conference day.

Afternoon session
Crash course & newest trends in Web3.0, NFTs and Metaverse.

Dinner & Networking Party
VIP & WhalePass holders will meet for a dinner together. After the dinner, members will be invited to a networking event.

JAN 14, 2023

8.30 AM - 09.30 AM
Opening keynote
Speakers will discuss the latest trends and challenges of the crypto space

9.30 AM-10.00 AM
NFTs and real applications: connecting NFTs to consumers goods
In this panel, the speakers will discuss different real world scenarios of how NFTs are used besides the art

10.00 AM-11.00 AM
What’s next in the DeFi: risks, benefits, challenges and opportunities
Speakers will present the newest developments in DeFi and discuss how DeFi compares to CeFi in this fast changing world

11.00 AM-12.00 AM
How Play-to-Earn games changed gaming industry?
The gaming industry is constantly evolving. After Play-To-Earn became popular a few years ago, gaming industry had major changes.

12.00 AM-01.00 PM
Real use case scenarios of Metaverse: galeries, shopping malls & more
In the last years, metaverses were built on different blockchains. Some of them even include replicas of well known cities such as Dubai or Monaco. What are the use cases of metaverses except gaming and avatar creation?

01.00 PM-02.00 PM
Web 3.0 product developments: what has been developed and the gaps in the market.
The dApps are constantly evolving between multiple chains competing for TVL and user-base. What is the future applicability of dApps developed on so-called Ethereum killers?

02.00 PM-02.40 PM
Stablecoin usage in real life: regulation&traditional finance approach
Stablecoin market is huge, but it brings nothing if they are staying in our wallets. In this panel, speakers will discuss how stablecoins can be used in real life and will discuss in which cases stablecoins can be more valuable than fiat

02.40 PM-03.00 PM
Coffee Break

03.00 PM-04.00 PM
Road to the Mass adoption of Defi: what’s coming up for regulations?
Comparison of popular crypto debit cards will be discussed. Moreover, advantages & disadvantages over fiat debit cards will be talked over.

04.00 PM-05.00 PM
Real Estate DAOs: how to distribute ownership of real estate and governance via governance notes
Real Estate is one of the least liquid assets. However, companies around the world are trying to tokenize real estate and sell it in portions. Is it enough to attract new buyers and make the market more liquid?

05.00 PM-06.00 PM
How to get into early stage projects: early stage investors sharing their expertise
Only Whale Pass Holders

08.00 PM- 00:00
Dinner & Whale Party
Members will gather for an exclusive Swiss dinner. After dinner, the whale party will take place.

JAN 15 2023

8.00 AM-10.00 AM
Networking Breakfast
Meet other investors on an informal breakfast

9.00 AM-12.00 AM
Pitch Competition
Crypto startups looking for funding will be able to pitch and present to all investors, advisors and other companies attending the conference.

12.00 AM-1.00 PM
Building the future of web 3.0: new tools and features
We will discuss new developments of Web 3.0, it’s characteristics and possible future applications

1.00 PM-2.00 PM
Lunch Keynote: decentralised insurance, borrowing and landing
You can pay your electricity bill with bitcoin and Lugano now supports USDT as means of payment. What's next for Switzerland and how it competes with Dubai or Singapore regarding crypto adoption?

2.00 PM-2.40 PM
Bridging traditional finance and DeFi: your wealth management between CeFi&DeFi
Speakers will discuss and share their stories on how they build their financial freedom in crypto industry.

2.40 PM-3.00 PM
Coffee Break

3.00 PM-4.00 PM
Celebrating women in crypto industry: the most prominent female leaders sharing their expertise in DeFi, NFT&Metaverse
Only Whale Pass. The last chance to meet people that are important for your business.

4.00 PM-5.00 PM
Marketing Strategies for new crypto startups
How to deliver your message in this noisy crypto world and why Telegram users number matter for new companies?

5.00 PM-6.00 PM
Cryptocurrencies in Switzerland. What's next?
In this panel, we compare and discuss different bots and discuss how well they can build up wealth and how accessible are the best bots.

8.00 PM-11.00 PM
Networking & Closing
Big Party on the boat



Jan 13, 2023, 9:00 AM , CET (UTC +1)
Jan 15, 2023, 11:00 PM , CET (UTC +1)