The Africa Blockchain Conference 2019

Kampala , Uganda

About The Africa Blockchain Conference 2019

The Africa Blockchain Conference held in Kampala in May 2018 gathered an audience of 800 people from 32 countries. It was the largest blockchain conference in Africa in 2018, and hosted the President of Uganda, the 6thPresident of Mauritius, the CEO of Binance, the Governor of the Central Bank and many other business and policy leaders.

On the 3rd and 4th of July, CryptoSavannah and the Blockchain Association of Uganda will host the Africa Blockchain Conference 2019, whose theme “Africa 4.0” will focus on “Preparing Africa for the Fourth Industrial Revolution.” The 4th Industrial Revolution (4IR), refers to the ongoing technological revolution that is fundamentally altering the way live, work and relate to one another. It comprises a series of technologies including artificial intelligence, nanotechnology, blockchain, drones, robotics and big data to mention but a few. As they pervade every aspect of society, the conference will address what opportunities they present, what threats they pose and what Africa must do to leverage them for its development.

Although Africa has predominantly been a consumer of previous industrial revolutions, the 4th Industrial Revolution presents unique opportunity. By harnessing Africa’s large educated youth population, and the ubiquity of knowledge as a result of the internet, unlike previous industrial revolutions, Africa can become an active participant and not just a consumer of 4IR

The 2019 conference and tech expo will gather 3,000 participants comprising industry and policy leaders, entrepreneurs, innovators, investors, youth and academia. We welcome you to join us, as we experience and contribute to shaping the place of Africa in the 4th Industrial Revolution.


HE. Yoweri K Museveni
President of Uganda
HE. Julius Maada Bio
President of Sierra Leone
Hon Frank Tumwebaze
Minister, ICT & National Guidance Uganda
Eva Kaili
Member. European Parliament Greece
Patrick Bitature
Chair. Private Sector Foundation Uganda
Ife Osaga-Ondondo
Head of Legal, Google Sub Saharan Africa
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Charles Hoskinson
Elsie Kanza
Head of Africa, Member of the Executive Committee, World Economic Forum
Chair. alockchain & A1 Taskforce Kenya
Nunu Ntshingilala
Head of Africa Facebook
Patrick Muheirwe
Chief Executive at Stanbic Bank Uganda
Ifeyinwa Ugochukwu
CEO Tony Elumelu Foundation Nigeria
Amit Pradhan
Chair Silicon Valley Blockchain USA
Jackie Ochola
Country Director, AndeLa Uganda
Amrote Abdella
Reg Director. Microsoft 4Afrika Ethiopia
Jeremy Rifkin
Economic Trends Foundation USA
Gordian Kyomukama
AG CEO. MTN Uganda Uganda
Trenton Jerde
Senior Editor, Nature Journal USA
Oley Dibba-Wada
Director Human Capital, AFDa Gambia
Joshua Elull
Chairman of Malta Digital Innovation Authority and Director of Centre for DLTs, University of Malta
Rik Willard
Global Blockchain USA
Rohan Handa
New Ventures BBVA
Jason Mills
Advanced Solutions. Google USA
Nick von Christierson
Head of Africa Diginex Limited
Jocelyne Muhutu
Media Partnerships Facebook South Africa
Edgar Kasenene
CEO RetraRabbit South Africa
Evelyn Namara
Founder/CEO, Vouch Digital Uganda
Malcolm Casselle
CTO and President WAX USA
Ramy Noaman
Founder at SDG Blockchain Forum
Eva Namusoke
WEF Kampala Global Shapers
Liz Kakooza
WEF Kampala Global Shapers Uganda
Amaete Umanah
Founder, HoneyFlow Africa Nigeria
Ronnie Kawamara
CEO Jumia Uganda
Ian Balina
Founder, 100X Advisors USA
Sam Lee
CEO Blockshine China
Leonid Foiu-Khatskevych
Head of IOT 4B2solutions Ukraine
Parul Gujral
CEO Snowball USA


Day One - Wednesday July 3, 2019
7:30 am
Registration and Networking
8:30 am
Guests enter the plenary session
8:50 am
Opening ceremony of the Africa Blockchain Conference Day 1
9:00 am
Welcome Address
9:15 am
Keynote 1: A journey through history, from the 1st to 4th Industrial Revolution
9:35 am
Keynote 2: Innovating Africa’s future: How innovation is driving Africa’s economic growth
9:55 am
Panel: The future of education and the future of work
11:00 am
Break: Morning Coffee & Networking
11:30 am
Arrival of the Heads of State
11:40 am
Presentation: Preparing Africa for the 4th Industrial Revolution
11:50 am
Keynote by Visiting Head of State
12:10 pm
Keynote by Head of State
12:30 pm
Fireside chat: Innovation supporting transparency, accountability and good governance
12:50 pm
Guided tour for Heads of State and VIPs to the Africa 4.0 Tech Expo
1:00 pm
Networking Lunch
2:30 pm
Use case: Articial Intelligence in Africa
2:45 pm
Use case: Drone technology Africa
3:00 pm
Use case: Blockchain and land registry systems
3:15 pm
3:15 pm
3:15 pm
2. The Future Of Fintech, Payments and Digital Financial Services
3:15 pm
3. Governance, Policy and Cyber Crime
3:15 pm
4.Sustainable Development Goals in the 4th Industrial Revolution
4:30 pm
Closing Keynote: The Africa we want

Day Two – Thursday July 4, 2019
7:30 am
Registration and Networking
8:30 am
Guests enter the plenary session
8:50 am
Opening ceremony of the Africa Blockchain Conference Day 2
9:00 am
Keynote 1: Investing in Africa, opportunities and challenges
9:15 am
Keynote 2: Preparing Africa’s young innovators and entrepreneurs
9:35 am
A glimpse into the future
11:00 am
Break: Morning Coffee & Networking
11:30 am
4IR through the prism of the Sustainable Development Goals
11:45 am
Panel: SDG’s and the 4th Industrial Revolution
12:15 pm
Presentation: The place of regulation in 4IR
12:30 pm
Panel: Regulating Blockchain, AI, and the rest of 4IR
1:00 pm
Networking Lunch
2:30 pm
Use case: IoT in Africa
2:45 pm
Use case: BigData in Africa
3:00 pm
Use case: Robotics in Africa
3:15 pm
3:15 pm
1. Session by AWIBI: Leveling the digital gender divide
3:15 pm
2. Leading Africa into the 4th Industrial Revolution
3:15 pm
3. Data Privacy in the age of 4IR
3:15 pm
4. Session by WEF, Global Shapers
4:45 pm
Closing Keynote; Where do we go from here ?
5:30 pm
Networking Cocktail


Jul 3, 2019, 9:00 AM , EAT (UTC +3)
Jul 4, 2019, 6:00 PM , EAT (UTC +3)
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