SUSTEX Conference

Dubai , United Arab Emirates

About SUSTEX Conference

Emerging & Futuristic technologies are shaping the future of climate action, it is critical to work toward enabling sustainability by leveraging tech innovations to empower climate-action initiatives. Blockchain alone has the potential to boost innovation and mitigate climate governance challenges. As governments and the industrial sectors are fast adopting tech in the fight against climate change, transforming these efforts into a collective approach will influence the contributions individual entities make to reduce their carbon footprint.

The 2nd edition of “Sustex - Tech Innovation for Climate Action” returns to Dubai, with a vision to create an impact in the climate action ecosystem. A one-day event is an invite-only event for the key people in the Tech for Sustainability ecosphere. The event will showcase strategic panel discussions, insightful keynotes, product showcases, and technology workshops to help attending delegates discover apt solutions to their climate action activities. The platform is designed to offer you a deep insight into how blockchain and technology as a whole can help you achieve your ESG goals


Jeffrey Beyer
Founder and Director, Zest Associates
Ivano Iannelli
CSO, Emirates Global Aluminium
Zenia Tata
Ex-Chief Impact Officer, XPRIZE
Miro Polzer
Miro Polzer Co-Founder, GLOCHA
Erin Grover
Member of the World Economic Forum Working Group for Carbon & BlockchainMember
Chada El Islam
Sr. Manager, Baker Hughes


Mar 16, 2023, 9:00 AM , GST (UTC +4)
Mar 16, 2023, 6:00 PM , GST (UTC +4)