SmartCon 2022

New York , United States

About SmartCon 2022

The must-attend Web3 experience of the year. A full week of learning from industry luminaries, building alongside the best developers in the space, and connecting with fellow community members from across the globe. SmartCon 2022 is for those who get what Web3 is really about, and those who want to learn.


Homan Farahmand
VP Analyst Gartner, Inc.
Mike Derezin
COO Chainlink Labs
Michael Kong
CEO Fantom Foundation
Dawn Song
Founder Oasis Labs
Sid Jha
Founder and CEO Arbol
Sid Jha
Founder and CEO Arbol
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Harriet Cao
Co-Founder Bianjie
Partner Armanino
Tim Beiko
AllCoreDevs Coordinator Ethereum Foundation
Yann Barbarroux
CEO Otonomi
Jonny Huxtable
Founder LinkPool
Stefan Rust
Founder and CEO Laguna DeFi
Christoph Mussenbrock
Founder and CEO Etherisc
Robert Lauko
Founder of Liquity and Head of Research Liquity AG
Nick Zwaneveld
Co-Founder and CTO Coorest
Solange Gueiros
Developer Advocate Chainlink Labs
Michael Lewellen
Head of Solutions Architecture OpenZeppelin
Mehdi Zerouali
Co-Founder and Director Sigma Prime
Carl DiClementi
VP of Product QuickNode
William Herkelrath
Head of Business Development Chainlink Labs
Pei Chen
VP, Head of Growth IOVLabs
Patrick Collins
Developer Advocate Chainlink Labs
Nikhil Parasaram
Security Engineer ConsenSys
Founder and CEO TrueFi
Zayi Reyes
Ecosystem Marketing Manager Chainlink Labs
Charlie Moore
Head of Carbon Solutions Chainlink Labs
Yu Du
Vice President Wanxiang Blockchain
Ron Bodkin
Brian Trunzo
Metaverse Lead Polygon Studios
Rick Pardoe
Co-Founder and Lead Engineer Liquity
Eric Schmidt
Former CEO Google
Sergey Nazarov
Co-Founder Chainlink
Jonathan Ehrenfeld Solé
Strategy Director SWIFT
Dahlia Malkhi
Chief Research Officer Chainlink Labs
Sam Bankman-Fried
Founder and CEO FTX
Ari Juels
Chief Scientist Chainlink Labs
Ed Felten
Co-Founder Offchain Labs
Arianna Huffington
Founder and CEO Thrive
Stani Kulechov
Founder and CEO AAVE
Kain Warwick
Founder Synthetix
Steve Ellis
Co-Founder Chainlink
Ivan Liljeqvist
CEO Moralis
Balaji Srinivasan
Angel Investor and Former CTO of Coinbase
Emin Gün Sirer
Co-Founder and CEO Ava Labs (Avalanche)
Farinaz Koushanfar
Professor and Scholar UC, San Diego
Yorke E. Rhodes III
Co-Founder Blockchain Microsoft
Anatoly Yakovenko
Co-Founder Solana Labs
Robert Leshner
CEO Compound Labs
Executive Director Stacks Foundation
Justin Sun
Kemal El Moujahid
Chief Product Officer Chainlink Labs
Cory Pugh
Chairman and CEO BridgeTower Capital
Derek Yoo
CEO PureStake
Ben Chan
Vice President Of Engineering Chainlink Labs
Adelyn Zhou
CMO Chainlink Labs


Sep 28, 2022, 9:00 AM , AEST (UTC +10)
Sep 29, 2022, 6:00 PM , AEST (UTC +10)