Meta Expo Dubai 2024

Dubai , United Arab Emirates

About Meta Expo Dubai 2024

The MetaExpo is one of the largest and most important activities in the Meta industry. Focus on blockchain,Interactive entertainment, NFT, decentralized finance, mining, payment system, smart contract and financial investmen

With the rapid development of Metaverse technology, it has broken the original pattern of Internet industry and produced many advanced things. We are committed to building a Metaverse industry knowledge sharing and resource docking platform


Definition of Meta Expo
It is a comprehensive meta universe industry summit to collect all information and resources on the upstream and downstream industrial chains of meta universe industry and jointly exchange the future development direction and technology application of meta universe industry

The target
Popularize the concept of metauniverse and provide solutions for the survival and development of metauniverse enterprises

Goal & Mission
Promote the development of upstream and downstream industries of yuanuniverse in a higher direction


Date will be announced