Japan Blockchain Tech Summit

Tokyo , Japan

About Japan Blockchain Tech Summit

Japan Block chain tech summit (JBT) are focuses on block chain technology, and the summit will promote for next generation of IT business. this summit make a interchange of personnel between project company and investor. JBT steering committee has several translate staff in the Exhibition hall. The translate staff will help to clear language barrier between project company and press media, also these thing will make better about get the understanding of project for investor and press media.

The summit correct over 100 of press media and they will promote development in the future block chain industry by public relations activities.


50+ Exhibition
80+ Found
100+ Japanese press media support
2000+ Audience



Riku Onuma
Masafumi Shimizu
Founder and CEO Chainbase
Atushi Sakamoto
General Manager Time Innovation
Zhenzhong Chen
Chairman Master Chain
Yukio Hatoyama
Japanese former prime minister, AIIB, Asians top advisor
Di Deng
Tai Yi Yun chairman Head of Chinese Delegation for the Davos Block Chain
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Kazuyuki Hamada
Tokyo Olympic 2020 bid committee member. JCBA Chief Director
Mao Lao
Coin capitals founder, Experts gaining tremendous support about Cryptocurrency and Block chain in china
Syouhei Hino
President of MITSUBISHI China Research Institute, senior consultant of China Huaxin block chain Research Institute
Chen Li
Founder of digital finance in Japan
Manzi Xue
Founder of barbarian fund
Kastutoshi Takeda
Japan-China friendship center Advisor Former managing director of Mitsubishi Corporation ・General manager of China
Xiaogang Yin
Chairman of KEX group
Xiaojun Zheng
World regional chain organization WBO director general
Tsuyoshi Rozaki
In Japan, the richest Chinese entrepreneur, chairman of CHI group
Kenji Itou
COINOTAKU OÜ CEO Crypto Currency investment analyst
Jack Liao BIO
Founder of Bitcoin Gold(BTG);LightningAsic CEO
Dong Yang
Professor, director and vice president of law school, Renmin University of China
Masato Nakamura
Netscape Product Director and Marketing Director, Microsoft Marketing Director, Microsoft Certification Director, Block Chain Trainer
Keisuke Horiguchi
Minister of Nextmoney affairs Editor in chief of Podcast digital currency weekly news
Xiahu Chu
Founder of Yuanjie Foundation and CEO of Weiyou are one of the famous opinion leaders of China's block chain ecosphere
Xin Ma
Chinese lawyer, Peking University Department of law, district chain industry legal adviser
International Block Chain and cryptocurrency Association of vice chairman
Christina Zhao
director of information and media Bit finance CEO
Mingwei Sun
Taro Sun Block 18 Co-Founder
Mr.Simon Shen
Yunliang Pan
Subversive innovation: how the block chain will change the world
Bojun Chen
Founder of Asia Pacific micro Bay digital quantum Asset Management Co., Ltd
Jianing Zhang
Director of the editorial board of the 2018 white paper on chain industries in China's regional chain, director of the industrial and Economic Research Institute of the Ministry of industry and Commerce
Minggang Hou
Taiwan business association brand Acceleration Center Consultant
Ziyun Wu
Co founders of the Opportunity Fund in Hongkong
Xiaochen Zhang
President, FinTech4Good, UN ESCAP Digital Economy Task Force
Ruoyu Sun
Qbao Network Co founder&COO
Dong Kuai
CoinBank co founder
Biao Chen
Vice president of Asian block chain digital currency Association
Tongjian Sun
BC College founder COO; business consultant, full stack engineer
Depeng Zhao
CEO EBC financial technology center
Hanying Yuan
Founder Seventeen Capital
Dan LI
Founder Consensus CapitalPartner
Founder Consensus Capital
James Jiang
Founfer Uranus
Kevin Wang
Chief Marketing Officer Uranus
CEO IMG Global Co., Ltd.
Satoshi Kobayashi
Founder & CEO BEXAM
Renji Hirase


Nov 29, 2018, 9:00 AM , JST (UTC +9)
Nov 29, 2018, 4:00 PM , JST (UTC +9)
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