Global Distributed Cloud Storage Summit

Abu Dhabi , United Arab Emirates

About Global Distributed Cloud Storage Summit

The Global Distributed Cloud Storage Summit will be held at the Abu Dhabi National Exhibitions Centre) in the UAE between December 15-17, 2021. This summit will host several government departments, blockchain technology experts, heads of industry, investment institutions, academic and research institutions as well as teams from renowned blockchain projects. This summit seeks to improve the distributed storage industry by discussing policies, providing and more financial support together with attracting more human resources.


20,000 + Attendees

200 + Experts

50 + Leading Enterprises

1 million + Followers


Shaikha Maytha Hasher Maktoum Juma Al-Maktoum
Royal Princess of Dubai
Dr. Humaid Al Ansari
Retired Brigadier General in Dubai Police Dr.Humaid Alansari
Joseph Liu
Director, Monash Blockchain Technology Centre
Dr. Kydland
Nobel Prize Winner in Economics
Simon Chu
The Associate Director of Economic Development Council under the Department of Economic and Social Affairs of the United Nations
Karthik Iyer
The ambassador of the P2P-Foundation
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Yael Tamar
Ajay Singh
Co-Founder at DLT Labs
Jorge Sebastiao
CTO Eco-System, ICT Expert, Cloud Computing, CyberSecurity, Disaster Recovery, BigData, AI, Blockchain
Peter Hopwood
Global Public Speaking & TEDx Coach / Corporate Event MC
Nicole Purin
Founder of Nikna Doda Films
Susan Oh
CMO for BeOmni
Baiba Broka
Legal Counsel
Kirill Mishanin
Head of Sales
Eloisa Marchesoni
Europe #1 Tokenomics Expert, Crypto HODLer, Blockchain&AL Business Angel Investor
Rashid Aijneibi
PhD Candidate of University of Sharjah
Mru Patel
Chairman and Founder at


15th December 2021

Check In

9:30-9:50 Opening Ceremony Performance
Opening Performance 1: UAE Featured Performance
Opening Performance 2: UAE Featured Dance

9:50-10:00 Speech 1
Opening Speech - UAE Embraces Distributed Cloud
Storage and Blockchain Industry
UAE Royalties

10:10-10:40 Speech 3
Policies and Support From the UAE
UAE Government Officials

10:40-11:10 Speech 4
How to Overcome the
Shortcomings of the Internet

14:00-14:30 Speech 5
Distributed Storage Architecture Returns
Data Assets and Rights to Ordinary Users

14:30-15:00 Speech 6
Blockchain Technology Empowers
Distributed Storage Technology to reshape
the Value of the Internet

15:00-15:30 Speech 7
Indirect Clue of Human Civilization
Inheritance - Eternal Data

Round Table
The Future of Cloud Storage Projects

16th December 2021

9:00 Check In

9:30-10:00 Speech 1
The Weakness of Blockchain POW
Consensus Algorithm

10:00-10:30 Speech 2
IPFS - Perfect Harmony of Distributed Storage and
Sustainable Blockchain Consensus Algorithm

10:30-11:00 Speech 3
CHIA - Perfect Harmony of Distributed
Storage and Sustainable Blockchain
Consensus Algorithm

14:00-14:30 Speech 4
SWARM - Perfect Harmony of Distributed Storage
and Sustainable Blockchain Consensus Algorithm

14:30-15:00 Speech 5
Distributed Storage Industry Practice Based on
Sustainable Blockchain Consensus Algorithm

15:00-15:50 Round Table 1
Key Elements of Value Investment in
Blockchain Industry

15:50-16:30 Round Table 2
Distributed Storage - The Next Investment
Target in Blockchain Industry

17th December 2021

• Sustainable Algorithm Industry
• 18:00-21:00 Speech 5
Royal Camel Dinner


Dec 15, 2021, 9:00 AM , GST (UTC +4)
Dec 17, 2021, 9:00 PM , GST (UTC +4)