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About Family Office & High Net Worth Community Blockchain & Crypto Conference

This time we will talk about everything from investment opportunities in the blockchain and cryptocurrency space to regulation, Ripple, Non Fungible Tokens (NTFs), Decentralized Finance and even the GameStop and Robinhood saga.

One of our panels is dedicated to how NFTs are Changing Marketplaces for Art, Music, Sports Collectibles, Gaming and Real Estate, with Priyanka Desai, VP, The LAO; Ms. Kathy Vass, Kate Vass Galleries; Artist Kevin Aboush and investor Derek Edward Schloss.

How are NFTs remaking the marketplaces and creating new business opportunities? What are they and why are responsible for the current growing trend of dynamic changes in collectibles? What is behind the thesis that they play an important role in new business models for artists, sports clubs, players as well as real estate and the capital markets? 



$13 800 000

Brock Pierce
Entrepreneur, Philanthropist, Co-Founded, Advised and Funded over 100 Companies through Technological Innovation
Anthony Di Iorio
Founder & CEO, Decentral & Jaxx, Inc.; Co-Founder, Ethereum
Yorke Rhodes III
Co-Founder Blockchain, Microsoft; Director Digital Transformation Blockchain
Kate Vass
Founder Kate Vass Galerie /F.A.R.E Consulting
Peter Habermacher
CEO | Co-founder at Aaro Capital
Derek Edward Schloss
Investor, Collab+Currency
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Olta Andoni
Professor & Attorney focusing on Blockchain, Data Privacy, Fintech & IP, Zlatkin Wong LLP
Priyanka Desai
VP of Operations, The LAO and FlamingoDAO
Rebecca Rettig
Partner, Manatt, Phelps & Phillips LLP
Donna Redel
Strategic 50 (Formerly Redel Consulting), New York
Adjunct Associate Professor at NYU Stern School of Business
Stephan Ott
Partner, Ott Capital Ventures
Tushar Patel
SFO, Investment Manager and Managing Director, HFIM
Vadim Grigoryan
Partner and Chief Marketing Officer, Lunu Solutions
Dave Perrill
CEO, Compute North
Sasha Shtern
CEO, ZG Capital
Robert Sherman
Head of Office, Kenfin Family Office
Ian Lee
Co-Founder and Managing Director, IDEO CoLab Ventures
Jay Moore
Co-Founder & CMO, Prasaga
Pancho Vanhees
CIO, SAVA Investment Management
CEO, Hera Software Development
Aditya Nagarsheth
Founder, Perpetual Value Partners Limited
Aylon Morley
Investor and Experienced Entrepreneur
Mance Harmon
Co-Founder & CEO, Hedera Hashgraph
Managing Partner, A100x
Christian Catalini
Chief Economist, Diem Association
Chen Zur
Partner/Principal -US Blockchain Practice Leader, EY
Mike McGlone
Senior Commodity Strategist, Bloomberg Intelligence
Tom Golway
Chief Technologist, Advanced R&D, Hewlett Packard Enterprise


The Fintech Times
Embassy of Bitcoin
Fintech Scotland
Wallet Investor
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Mar 3, 2021, 11:00 AM
Mar 3, 2021, 6:00 PM
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