Ho Chi Minh City , Vietnam

About ETH VIETNAM 2022

ETHVietnam is the biggest conference ever that brings all top experts in the industry to provide more value to the community.


Rob Stupay
Ethereum Foundation & Ethereum Remix
Barry Whitehat
Applied ZKP Researcher & Ethereum Foundation
Arpit Sharma
VP, Enterprise Business Development and lead APAC
Julian Ma
Researcher at Ethereum Foundation
Jannmajaya Mall
Developer working on zero knowledge space at Ethereum Foundation
José Pedro Sousa
Technical Project Manager at Polygon Technology
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Huy Pham
RMIT FinTech-Crypto Hub
Binh Nguyen Thanh
Blockchain-Enabled Business & Fintech-Crypto Hub Founder at RMIT Vietnam.
Marco Cora
Head Of Business Development at Matter Labs - zkSync
Bilal Khan
Co-founder and Head of Growth of ZKEX
Jerry Ho
Researcher at Scroll
Samrat Kishor
Regional Representative of Enterprise Ethereum Alliance and Chair of the Technical Steering Committee at Baseline Protocol
Qin En Looi
Web2➔3 VC at Saison Capital
Konstantinos Renios
Co- Founder of Lateral Decentralised Ventures (LDV), ex-TDX Capital
Qi Zhou
Founder & CEO at QuarkChain
Yoseph Soenggoro
Head Of Community Engineers at Moralis
Shivam Srivastava
Product & Events Team at Moralis
Bree Anne Yek
CEO & Co-founder at Carb0n-Fi
Patrick Dang
Founder Parallax
Prateek Shah
Co-Founder at Spanning Labs
Hussein Hashish
Founder at Metaversive | Web3 strategist & Go-To-Market Advisor | Dot connector
Nithin Eapen
Crypto Evangelist
Privacy and Scaling at Ethereum Foundation
Tobias Bauer
Principal at Blockchain Founders Fund
Abhishek Bhattacharya
Co-founder and Head of Blockchain Tech at Brú Finance
Dr. Evan Luthra
Leading Blockchain Expert of 2022 by USATODAY
Kishor M
Founder & CEO of CrowdFundJunction (CFJ)
Head of Growth at AltLayer
Thi Truong
Founder at Icetea Lab, Redkite, GameFi
Brian Lu
IVC & YGG SEA Co-founder
Matthew Nolan
Entrepreneur & Engineer. CEO & Founder at Menlo One
Minh Doan
Co-founder of MassBit
Jeffrey Tchui
Partner & Head of BCW Consulting
Dheeraj Shah
Content Creator & Podcaster Host with Web3 With Dhee
Sherlock Shi
Co-Founder & CEO of Meson Network
Don Phan
Web3 Business Development Manager at Amazon Web Services (AWS)
Jason Potts
Distinguished Professor of Economics at RMIT University, Co-director of the Blockchain Innovation Hub at RMIT
Chris Berg
Associate Professor at RMIT University and Co-Director, Co-founder of the RMIT Blockchain Innovation Hub
Vy Nguyen
Research Fellow at RMIT Blockchain Innovation Hub
Trung Nguyen
CEO at Axie Infinity


Nov 25, 2022, 9:00 AM , ICT (UTC +7)
Nov 27, 2022, 9:00 PM , ICT (UTC +7)