Digital Raign - Blockchain for Humanity at the Esalen Institute

Big Sur , United States

About Digital Raign - Blockchain for Humanity at the Esalen Institute

Digital Raign’s Blockchain and Cryptocurrency Summit is an invitation to both experiential and conversational sessions with a focus on actionable outcomes. This segment of The X Series will explore how cryptocurrencies and blockchain are revolutionizing and disrupting markets, industries, and governance. Prognosticators foresee these distributed technologies as the end of many pillar institutions and associated economic, legal, and political structures of society, but also as mechanisms for democratizing and reinventing the functions those institutions serve — with wide-ranging applicability to the growing challenges humanity faces today. Revolutionary new applications have been implemented across numerous sectors and industries to address issues including poverty, the environment, human migration, and digital identity. This summit’s intent is to shift the conversation from today's hype to tomorrow’s impact on society, and to identify the way projects can be crafted and a community fostered to realize the power of these technologies for the benefit of humanity.
This is an invitation to leaders in the blockchain and cryptocurrency industries to convene, ideate, and co-create positive, impactful strategies focused on tech for good as the Fourth Industrial Revolution continues to rapidly take shape and accelerate.
Esalen’s history as the birthplace of the human potential movement and facilitating emergent movements, and current exploration of collective potential provides the foundation for a collaborative journey that seeks blockchain and cryptocurrency's ultimate potential. Invited global partners will provide insights on latest development initiatives, collaboration opportunities, and policy frameworks including ID2020 and the U.N. Sustainable Development Goals.


Nov 9, 2018, 12:00 PM , PST (UTC -8)
Nov 11, 2018, 12:00 PM , PST (UTC -8)
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