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What is The Summit?
2017 saw unprecedented explosion of blockchain and cryptocurrencies. Market capitalization of just 2 top currencies Bitcoin and Ethereum bypassed 200 billion USD. Newly created massive amount of crypto capital led to a strong demand on the crypto capital holders side to diversify and invest. Triple digit billion USD of crypto capital are changing the whole funding landscape. Given the nature/source of the crypto capital (almost entirely owned by advanced technically savvy IT professionals), vast majority of the investments are going to IT/startups. In 2017 ICO investments bypassed VC investments (graph below), making it a major global financial driver of innovation. It is expected that it will greatly bypass all VC investment on innovation by the factor of 2-50 in 2018
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Crypto Captial World Summit is aimed at bringing together most notable crypto investors and regulators, largest VCs and other industry players as well as most establishedcrypto economy players (like the Bitcoin foundation, etc.).
Who should attend?
The conference is aimed at providing a meeting/ networking/information exchange venue for the most influential crypto investors and industry players – regulators, technology providers, top tier traditional investors
The Baltic nation is quickly becoming a fintech hub. Recently, the Blockchain Centre Vilnius was opened as a hub for blockchain startups and a gateway for Australian and Asian fintech companies to Europe. The Bank of Lithuania is becoming one of the most forward thinking in the European Union when it comes to new technology and it is considering new ICO regulations that make the funding mechanism more accommodating.
Last year, Lithuanians were among the most active in the world to develop blockchain projects, taking 30 plus projects raising more than 450 million USD in 2017, with the ambition of 1,4 billion USD for 2018.




Apr 24, 2018, 7:00 PM , EET (UTC +2)
Apr 25, 2018, 12:30 PM , EET (UTC +2)
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