Blockchain and CryptoCurrency Conf 2018

About Blockchain and CryptoCurrency Conf 2018

Our mission is to expand awareness and knowledge of Blockchain and Crypto-currency over the course of a three-day conference and exhibition. BCconf includes a wealth of information for Blockchain & cryptocurrency users and developers, traders, Business entrepreneur and managers, financier and investors. From code gurus to venture capitalists to social activists, BCconf brings together an astounding and vibrant mixture of perspectives, goals, and outlooks. With prominent signage, frequent print ads, aggressive online marketing, and post-show communications, you can gain sponsors and receive MILLIONS of impressions maximizing exposure to this powerful audience.

This conference will bring together blockchain and cryptocurrency investors, entrepreneurs and professionals who want to establish connections with the world and the most influential minds. It will also connect those who want to stay ahead of the curve and get the inside scoop on the most promising companies out there as they prepare for high-profile ICOs / Token Sales.
At BCconf, other then connecting investors and entrepreneurs, we’ll be discussing the future of blockchain technologies, as well as the current situation of the cryptocurrency markets.

We’ll also be answering the questions on everyone’s lips, such as:
-What are the expectations or predictions for blockchain going forward?
-What are the consequences of investing in cryptocurrencies?
-What are the main questions to ask when evaluating an ICO or Token Sale?
-Will ICOs change the way in which funds are raised?
-Is venture capital really dead?

And many more!


Founder & EMM at Blockchain Advisory Council
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Founder/Managing Director at Iunera
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CEO at Omni Payment Solutions
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Iavor Kurtev
Entrepreneur & Co-Founder at Blueshare
Managing Director at J7 Internet Group
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ICOs will attend

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