Bitcoin Cash City Conference

South Townsville , Australia

About Bitcoin Cash City Conference

The time for global permissionless money is now. Come build the foundations with us at Bitcoin Cash City


Creator of BITBOX
Amaury Sechet
Lead Developer Bitcoin ABC
Noel Lovisa
CEO and founder of Code Valley Corp
Andrew Clifford
President Bitcoin Unlimited
Josh Ellithorpe
Sr. Software Engineer Coinbase
Hongli Wang
Director BCH.Club
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Shammah Chancellor
Lead Engineer Cash:web project
Vin Armani
Chief Technology Officer at CoinText
Mark Lundeberg
BCH Software Developer
Nishant Sharma
International Public Relations Bitmain
Paul Chandler
CEO at Aptissio Australia
Tony Hockings
Director Lexcode Legal
Jeanette Murphy
CEO Echt Fin
Hayden Otto CEO
Akane Yokoo
Community Manager, Organizer @Tokyo BCH Meetup
Chris Pacia
Lead Backend Developer Open Bazaar
Cameron Lee
Designer and Online Retailer
Joshua Green
Founder of Software Verde
Doug McCollough
CIO City of Dublin, Ohio
Saad Butt
Senior Software Developer Aptissio
Ethan Cannon
Jr. Software Developer Code Valley
Dao Zhou
Lead Software Engineer at Code Valley
Mark Fabbro
Sr. Software Engineer Code Valley
Donna Kilpatrick


Sep 4, 2019, 2:22 PM , AEST (UTC +10)
Sep 5, 2019, 2:22 PM , AEST (UTC +10)
Quayside Terminal Lennon Drive South Townsville QLD 4810 Australia