Bitcoin Amsterdam 2023

Amsterdam , Netherlands

About Bitcoin Amsterdam 2023

‍In 2023, Bitcoin 2023 returning to Amsterdam to build on this historic success and continue on mission of global hyperbitcoinization.

Bitcoin Amsterdam is a 100% lightning enabled event with over 20+ food trucks, vendors, and merchants participating in the bitcoin circular economy


Edward Snowden
Whistleblower & Cybersecurity Expert
Adam Back
Co-founder and CEO Blockstream
Stella Assange
Wife of Julian Assange
Willem Middelkoop
Founder Commodity Discovery Fund
Balaji Srinivasan
Author The Network State
Susie Violet Ward
Bitcoin journalist and co-founder of Bitcoin Policy UK
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Robert Breedlove
Host What is Money Show
David Bailey
Co-founder & CEO BTC Inc.
Jimmy Song
Bitcoin Developer, Educator and Entrepreneur, Programming Blockchain
Founder Base58
Amanda Fabiano
Head of Mining Galaxy
Tyler Evans
Managing Partner of the Bitcoin Magazine Ecosystem Fund BTC Inc.
Dylan LeClair
Head of Market Research Bitcoin Magazine
Pablo Fernandez
Founder Sanity Island Inc.
Mark Moss
Founder Market Disruptors
Knut Svanholm
Author and Educator
CEO Synonym
Will Casarin
Founder Nostr, Damus Inc.
Desiree Dickerson
CEO & Co-Founder THNDR
Christian Decker
Core Tech Engineer at Blockstream
Joe Hall
Reporter Cointelegraph
Aleksandar Svetski
Founder Spirit of Satoshi
Rockstar Dev
Core Contributor BTCPayServer
Hugh Hendry
Founder Eclectica Macro
Ben Arc
Educator and Inventor LNbits Project
Product Manager BTCPay Server & Stratum v2
Efrat Fenigson
Israeli Journalist & Podcaster
Paul Buitink
Managing Director Holland Gold
Creator and Leader The SeedSigner Project
Pete Rizzo
Chief Content Officer Bitcoin Magazine
Burak Keceli
Founder, Bitmatrix
Alex McShane
Bitcoin Hodler Bitcoin Magazine
Benjamin Gagnon
Chief Mining Officer Bitfarms Ltd
Brian Laughlan
Co-Founder OrdinalsBot
Michael Ford
Bitcoin Core Maintainer Brink
Martti Malmi
CEO Sirius Business Ltd
Jeff Gardner
Builder Nostr
Mark Goodwin
Director of Editorial Print Bitcoin Magazine
Eva Vlaardingerbroek
Dutch Political Commentator
Freddie New
Head of Policy Bitcoin Policy UK
John Murillo
Chief Dealing Officer B2Broker
Technician Setec Astronomy
Dan O'Prey
Chief Product Officer @ Bakkt
David Zell
Co-Founder Bitcoin Policy Institute
Grant McCarty
Co-Executive Director Bitcoin Policy Institute
Jason Maier
Author A Progressive's Case For Bitcoin
Antoine Poinsot
CTO Wizardsardine
Max Hillebrand
CEO zkSNACKs (Wasabi Wallet)
Sam Wouters
Bitcoin Research Analyst River
David Weisberger
CEO & Co-Founder CoinRoutes
Trevor Owens
Technical Advisor
Elizabeth Alice Olson
Xverse Head of Growth


Oct 12, 2023, 9:00 AM , CET (UTC +1)
Oct 13, 2023, 6:00 PM , CET (UTC +1)