Berlin , Germany

About Berlinverse

Berlinverse is finally happening this December 2022! This is the place where the Future of the Internet, Web3, Metaverse, NFTs, GameFI, Collectibles, Music, and Digital Art/Generative Art will all be on display.

You, as our audience, will explore, discover, and uncover a lot of amazing businesses, artists, entrepreneurs, and hidden treasures on two thrilling levels. Berlinverse is approaching, so save your ticket, join our movement, open your mind, and share your ideas.

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Rebekka Revel
Community development at the intersections of web3 and art
Vikram Nagrani
Partner, Hassans International Law Firm Limited
Laura-Marie Geissler
Rennfahrer bei PorscheRennfahrer bei Porsche Porsche Deutschland GmbH
Nicolas Weber
Founder and CEO of DAC and Founding Initiator of MGH DAO.
Norman Wiese
Founder Uncap Collective
Heinrich Wilking
Director GermanyDirector Germany Turnkey Consulting DE
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Florian Zawodsky
Tax Advisor - NFT degen
David Peng
Legal Counsel & Project Manager at Piano
Tracy Chang
CEO Co-Founder Tradelite Solutions / Mogaland
Christian Heeg
COO at DevelopX | Former consultant | @moonbirds
Mathias Hermansen
Co-founder of GamerPay⎮YC S21⎮Marketplace for gaming skins
Lukas Hüttis
Web3 / NFT coaching
Leo Hilse
Entrepreneur: Metaverse (Web3.0) & Crypto Family Office


Dec 6, 2022, 10:00 AM , CET (UTC +1)
Dec 7, 2022, 6:00 PM , CET (UTC +1)