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About Battle of the Cryptos

The Battle of the Cryptos will curate leading discussions from Blockchain to Cryptocurrencies within financial markets. Careful consideration has been given to include issues confronting investors and traders participating in this complex and new space. Attendees will include investors (HNWI, Family Offices, FoF’s, VC’s and Institutional Investors) and Blockchain ICO’s, Cryptocurrencies and Crypto Hedge Funds. The Agenda starts with Capital Introduction Breakfasts and continues with presentations, panel discussions, coffee breaks and an end of day cocktail reception. Throughout the day a special room will provide one-on-one pre-scheduled and impromptu meeting to take place. After twelve years of hosting the leading quantitative event worldwide, The Battle of the Cryptos is destined to become the definitive event for investors and managers looking for key industry influencers, decision makers and investment opportunities in the crypto world.


James Sowers
Ico adviser
Cristina DOLAN
Co-Founder & COO iXledger | Blockchain | MIT Media Lab
Strategic Advisor
Renato Dimarzio
Co-Founder. Chief Operations Officer
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8:00 AM Crypto Hedge Fund Capital Introduction Breakfast (Registered Investors Only)

9:30 AM Registration10:00AM Keynote Adress: Dan Morehead, CEO, PANTERA Capital
Is this the End of Crypto or just a consolidation before another growth phase? The Crypto Currency landscape continues to offer unprecedented trading opportunities. As one of the most dynamic and fast evolving asset classes in the world, crypto is still a wide open marketplace from which smart traders can glean tremendous success. With the anticipation of regulatory approval of ETF’s and the announcement of institutional quality custodial services, is the industry is on the precipice of billions of dollars of additional capital inflows? Where are the current and future trading opportunities in crypto? What are the three top factors that influence crypto prices?

10:30 AM Panel: CRYPTO Hedge Fund Trading Strategies
From arbitrage to long short strategies, a review to the most successful trading ideas. Will current strategies last or like some be “arb’s out over time? 
Moderator: William Brown, Managing Member, Eudaimonia Asset Management Alexei Chekhlov, PhD, Director of Research and Portfolio Manager, Systematic AlphaBrian Koralewski, Partner, Austere CapitalMitchell Dong, Founder and CEO, Pythagoras Investment ManagementShane Molidor, Global Head, FBG One11:00AM Networking Coffee Break

11:15 AM Panel: Coin Talk! Classifying Coins - Medium of Exchange (Stable Coin) or Investment Vehicle (Volatile Coin)
Many coins have become de facto investment vehicles due to their volatility. Markets however need Stable Coins which serve as a Medium of Exchange and consistent Store of Value. Recently Tether, Gemini and PAXOS and startup Standard.One are receiving increased attention and they try to bring stability to the coin landscape. Will a Stable Coin be the torpedo that knocks Bitcoin, the “King of Coins” of its perch? Which coins are perched for a breakout?

11:40 AM Battle Panel: Centralized vs. Decentralized Exchanges
Kharrum Dara, Legal, AirSwap

12:00 PM Presentation: My Life as a Crypto Quant
Ken Goodman, President, AltCoin

12:20 PM Fast Pitch:Making Crypto Trading Smarter!
Floating Point Group (MIT Delta v Program)We believe that great projects deserve great opportunities. The explosive growth of ICO funding over through 2018 has exposed billions of dollars of funding to volatile markets without a viable exit strategy. FPG was founded in 2018 with the goal of inspiring investor confidence and to keep resources flowing to the projects that are changing the world.
John Peurifoy, Co-Founder, Floating Point Group (Delta v Program), Ph. D. Candidate, Electrical Engineering, MIT

12:30 PM Lunch

1:00 PM • Speed One-on-One Priority Meeting Round (Maximize your opportunity to ensure execution of critical pre-scheduled meetings)

2:00 PM Investor Panel: Why Should Family Offices and HNWI’s Allocate Capital to Crypto Traders? 
What unique characteristics define a successful crypto strategy vs. a traditional hedge fund. What are the potential red flags in the crypto space?
Adil Abdulali, President, Chief Science Officer, MOV37 and Protégé PartnersJames Sowers, Founder Crypto Specialist LLC, Angel Investor and Crypto CapitalistNeal Berger, CEO and Founder, EagleViewJoel Gantcher, CEO, Gantcher Family Office

2:30 PM Panel: BOG DATA for Crypto: What data in the crypto marketplace provides the most predictability of price moves?
Joel Gantcher, CEO, Gantcher Family Office

3:00 PM Networking Coffee Break

3:15 PM Afternoon Keynote: Crypto Factor Models & Trading
This talk is based on the “hot of the press” paper, which provides explicit factor models for the cross-section of cryptoasset returns and complete source code for data downloads, computing risk factors and back testing them out-of-sample. Empirical analysis identifies a strongly leading factor in cryptoasset returns, which can be used in cross-sectional statistical arbitrage trading of cryptoassets, including cryptocurrencies and various digital coins and tokens.
Zura Kakushadze, Ph.D., President, Quantigic Solutions LLC (TBC)
Zura Kakushadze received his Ph.D. in theoretical physics from Cornell University at 23, was a Postdoctoral Fellow at Harvard University, and an Assistant Professor at C.N. Yang Institute for Theoretical Physics at Stony Brook University. He received an Alfred P. Sloan Foundation Fellowship in 2001. After expanding into quantitative finance, he was a Director at RBC Capital Markets, Managing Director at WorldQuant, Executive Vice President and substantial shareholder at Revere Data (now part of FactSet), and Adjunct Professor at the University of Connecticut. Currently he is the President and CEO of Quantigic® Solutions and a Full Professor at Free University of Tbilisi, Georgia. He has over 17 years of hands-on experience in quantitative trading and finance, 130+ publications in physics, finance, cancer research and other fields, including the book “151 Trading Strategies” being published by Springer Nature, 3,400+ citations and h-index 30+, 132,000+ downloads on SSRN, and over a quarter million followers on LinkedIn.

3:45 PM Panel: Will the Real Institutional Crypto Custody Solution Please Stand Up!
Custodial services have been repeatedly identified as a critical component that with unlock up to $15B of Institutional capital waiting to flow into cryptocurrencies. Are institutional quality level custodians available today in the marketplace? What solutions are being used today and do they satisfy customers’ needs? Do Cryptocurrency exchanges actually need 2 kinds of custody: Fiat custody and Crypto custody? What does an institutional grade custody model look like? Will there always be a trade off between security and accessibility when storing cryptoassets? Does it take a Vanguard or a BNY Mellon entering the space to make institutional investors feel comfortable trading and holding cryptocurrencies?

4:15 PM Networking Coffee Break

4:30 PM Presentation: Tokenizing the World to Influence Behavior and Generate Big Data
Cristina Dolan - Co-Founder & COO iXledger | Blockchain | MIT Media Lab
The future Token Economy will enable a variety of business models that shape the behavior of individual customers. Cristina will provide real world examples of companies that have embraced the new concept and how they are improving the bottom line. What is being tokenized, how are existing cryptocurrencies being leveraged? 

4:50 PM Panel:Allocating to a Portfolio of Crypto Hedge Funds and Striking the Right Balance of Strategies to Ensure a Consistent and Opportunistic Return
Joe DiPasquale, CEO of BitBull CapitalFrances Newton Stacy, Director, Portfolio Strategy, Optimal Capital

5:20 PM Panel: The Future of Crypto: Use Cases and Mass Adoption
What are the predominant use cases for cryptocurrencies today? What is the data to support any use cases today? Should we stop looking at the past to categorize the use cases of crypto? A tremendous amount of capital is flowing into the building of the of Blockchain infrastructure, why is that not reflected in cryptocurrencies prices? As more blockchain solutions come on line, will that facilitate the use of crypto and therefore the price of the coins? Will the "institutionalization" of the crypto space change it? Will traditional financial services firms look to compete and supplant the existing crypto focused firms? How or will they look to partner with them? Where is Mass Adoption likely to occur? In finance it has been prop shops and hedge funds, which is the next segment? Will Mass Adoption happen as a result of a idea or solution, specific geography? “Nothing is as powerful as an idea whose time has come” Has the time come for Crypto?
Renato Dimarzio, Founder, Empire HotelsTom Bollich, CTO, MAD Network (Founder of ZYNGA)6:00PM Networking Cocktail Reception

8:00 PM END


Oct 16, 2018, 8:00 AM , AEST (UTC +10)
Oct 16, 2018, 8:00 PM , AEST (UTC +10)
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