AWE USA 2024

Long Beach , United States

About AWE USA 2024

The XR Community is meeting, in person, in Long Beach, California to connect, learn and grow the AR and VR ecosystem. Join this inspiring community of XR professionals; An XR ecosystem marketplace where end-users meet solution providers in a curated setting.
The 15th AWE USA:

- 3 days on the bleeding edge of AR/VR
- 6500+ attendees
- 500+ speakers, including tech juggernauts, Fortune 500s, and hot startups
- 350+ sponsors/exhibitors
- Thousands of creators, developers, industry execs, founders, entertainers, investors, top press, and more participating in-person and virtually
- Topics covered: Enterprise case studies, latest developer/creator tools, Sales, Marketing and branded experiences, AR Cloud, WebXR, 5G , AI, haptics, privacy and ethics, Entertainment, Education, and more
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Mary Matheson
Immersive Director/Professor of Practice Arizona State University Arizona State University
Daniel Marquesee
Lead Spatial Designer Bezi Bezi
Joshua Rubin
Chief Creative Officer Subverse Narrative Consulting Subverse Narrative Consulting
Valentin Heun
Vice President of Innovation Engineering PTC PTC
Jasmine Lehman
Content Creator AtomBombBody AtomBombBody
Sonya Haskins
Head of Programming AWE AWE
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Martin Warters
Head of Education Development Management Pfizer Prizer
Jason Marsh
CEO Flow Immersive, Inc Flow Immersive
Michael Zurat
Solutions Director, 5G & Spatial Computing General Dynamics Information Technology General Dynamics Information Technology
Lianne Baron
AR Partnerships Meta Meta
Peter Martin
Software Engineer Adobe Adobe
Ashley Crowder
Jeremy Schreiber
Director, Ecosystem and Strategic Parnterships - Microsoft Mesh Product Team Microsoft Japan
Dave Raasakka
Senior VP Global Customer Support Somero Somero Enterprises
Jack McCauley
Co-founder Oculus Oculus
Mary Lee Carter
Immersive Teaching and Learning Specialist Parker University Parker University
Jennica Bellanca
Biomechanical Engineer & Principle Investigator CDC / NIOSH University of Pittsburg, Medical Center
Elizabeth Childs
Graduate Student Researcher Stanford Stanford Electrical Engineering
Denise Coke
Owner & Creative Director $NP Designs, LLC $NP Designs
Tim Ventura
Managing Director VOR Advisory LAL ART Advisory
Dawn Comer
Exec. Officer & Sr. Dir. of Digital Inclusion & Innovation City of Los Angeles City of Los Angeles
Jason McDowall
Creator The AR Show The AR Show
Dominique Wu
Founder XReality Pro XReality Pro
James Ashley
Apple Vision Pro Developer Imaginative Universal, Inc Imaginative Universal, Inc.
Jason McGuigan
Head of Virtual Reality Lenovo Lenovo
Paresh Rajwat
Vice President (Mixed Reality) & Head of Office (Pacific Northwest) Meta
Chris Chin
CEO Spatialosity Axoni
Rachel Kornak
Strategic Partnerships + Tech Education Manager City of Los Angeles City of Los Angeles
Alexey Medvedev
AR Tech lead Meta Meta
Eric Wagliardo
Founder / EP / ECD &Pull &Pull
Athena Demos
CEO Big Rock Creative Big Rock Creative
Greg Meyers
CEO and Co-Founder ForgeFX Simulations ForgeFX
Enrique López Mañas
Android Chapter Lead Code & Theory Code and Theory
Erika Cion
Team Lead, Senior Powerplant Engineer Lockheed Martin Lockheed Martin
Gohree Kim
VP of Marketing AmazeVR, Inc.
Matt Miesnieks
CEO Dejavu dejavu
Karl M Guttag
President KGOnTech KGOnTech
Shane Rhodes
3D Generalist Mighty Coconut Mighty Coconut
Stephanie Montgomery
Senior VP of Research and Best Practices XR Association XR Association
Neil Trevett
President Metaverse Standards Forum Metaverse Standards Forum
Andrew Eiche
CEO Owlchemy Labs Inc Owlchemy Labs
David Morris
Experiential Consultant NYCAP3D LLC NYCAP3D
David Yee
COO Another Axiom Another Axiom
Amy Seidenwurm
Chief of Programs & Strategy Agog Agog
Jacqui Bransky
VP of Web3 & Innovation Warner Records Warner Records
Lauren Morrison
Art Director Google Google
Kat Moynahan
Senior Design Strategist Microsoft Microsoft in Ireland
Arturo Perez
CEO Kluge Interactive Kluge Interactive
Ray Mosco
Developer Relations HTC Vive HTC Vive
Jonathan Hamel
Studio Design Director Another Axiom Another Axiom
Michael Freeman
CEO Ocutrx Technologies Ocutrx Technologies
Jeri Ellsworth
CEO Tilt Five Tilt Five
Sophia Moshasha
XR Business Strategist Virtual Reality Marketing Virtual Reality Marketing
Jessy Escobedo
UX/Product Designer & AR/VR Prototyper Magic Leap Magic Leap
Soobin Ha
Chief Audio Director Benvision Benvision
Kerestell Smith
CCO Another Axiom Another Axiom
Robin Moulder
CEO 3lbXR & 3lb Games Payportal
Aili Niimura
Technical Audio Designer Microsoft Microsoft in Ireland
Alejandro Mendoza
Leading XR/VR - Engineer III Sierra Space Sierra Space
David Neubelt
CTO Another Axiom Another Axiom
Andy Roth
Founder & visionOS Engineer Deviant Labs Virtual Reality Marketing
Dave Zaboski
Co-Founder & CCO Laetro Laetro
Bridgette Sieffert
AR/VR Engineer Terran Orbital Corporation Terran Orbital
Kelly Duncan
Co-Founder & Chief Commercial Officer 3dMD 3dMD
Rika Nakazawa
Group Vice President, New Ventures & Innovation NTT NTT DATA Europe & Latam
Hugh Hou
Metaverse Stage, INC Metaverse Stage
Juliana Loh
Immersive XR Creative Technologist Juliana Loh Imagination Arts University for the Creative Arts
Nicola Sebastiani
CCO The Sandbox The Sandbox
Toye Onikoyi
AR/VR/XR Creator Creators
Keeley Turner
CEO Metaverse Stage, INC Metaverse Stage
Andy Cochrane
Immersive Content Creator & Consultant The AV Club The AV Club
Kyle Daughtry
Digital & Extended Realities Product Manager ExxonMobil ExxonMobil
David Nedohin
President and Co-Founder Scope AR Scope AR
Austin Cause Caine
Co-Creator Cause + Christi: Immersive XR Design Cause + Christi: Immersive XR Design
Georgios Chantziaras
Senior Manager, Smart Factor PM Pfizer Prizer
James Cooper
Chief Technologist, Advanced Visualization Raytheon Raytheon
Cam Nili
Digital Assets Accenture Accenture
Jim Melzer
Technical Advisor HMDmd HMDmd
Nicholas Hockley
Product Manager, Smart Factory Technology Pfizer Prizer
Bert Nepveu
Co-Founding Partner Triptyq Capital Triptyq Capital
Jay Wright
CEO Campfire Campfire
NewCo Newconomy
Ronan Kelly
Global Director Product Management AI & Smart Factory Pfizer Pfizer
Cynthia Maller
Head of 3D Creative Technology Walmart Walmart
Marcela Oliva
Board Member USGBC - Los Angeles USGBC California
Ashley Stowe
Brad Scoggin
CEO & Co-Founder ArborXR ArborXR
Dona Fraser
Senior V.P., Privacy Initiatives BBB National Programs BBB National Programs
Diana Olynick
Author, Founder, Host XR Magazine Podcast M4 Method M4 Method
Mary Lin
Senior Manager ORETTC Y-12 National Security Complex
Marcie Jastrow
Metaverse Advisor Metaverse Post
Elizabeth Hyman
CEO XR Association XR Association
Emily Olman
Chief Media Officer Hopscotch Interactive Hopscotch Interactive
John R. Kennedy
Instructional Designer ORETTC Y-12 National Security Complex
Tony Parisi
Metaverse Pioneer/Founder Metatron Studio Metatron Studio
Austin Coglianese
Manufacturing Augmented Reality Trainer Fastenal Fastenal
Tim Bajarin
Columnist Fast Company, Forbes & Techpinions Forbes
Evo Heyning
CEO Realitycraft Realitycraft
David Moreno
Chief Business Development & Marketing Officer Virtuaware Virtualware
Sarah Hill
CEO | Chief Storyteller Healium Healium
Timothy Orr
Human Integration Team Leader CDC / NIOSH National Institute for Occupational Safety & Health
Austin Arnwine
Instructional Technology Lead ORETTC Realitycraft
Clare Tattersall
Founder Digital Fashion Week Digital Fashion Week
Daniel Berrick
Policy Counsel Future of Privacy Forum Future of Privacy Forum
Dr. Linda Ciavarelli
Co-Founder and CEO HouseCall VR HouseCall VR
Julian Reyes
Director Virtual Worlds Museum Virtual Worlds Museum
Kathryn Drummonds
Systems Engineer Northrop Grumman Northrop Grumman
Valerie Quezada
Learning & Development Manager Takeda Takeda Pharmaceuticals
Gregg Katano
CEO | Founder Cosmos Collab Cosmos Collab
Rachel Joy Victor
Jason Catchpole
Head of AI UneeQ UneeQ
Said Bakadir
Sr. Director, Product Management Qualcomm Qualcomm
Amy Peck
Founder/CEO EndeavorXR EndeavorXR
Rachel Joy Victor
Danny Tomsett
CEO UneeQ Inc UneeQ
Anna Nilsson
Head of Design and Research Varjo Varjo
Shelley Peterson
Founder | XR Industry Pioneer Wizard Wells Wizardsardine
Ashley Coffey
Founder Coffey & Code Podcast Coffey & Code
Franky Summers
Senior Creative Designer & XR Content Walmart Walmart
Todd Sharp
Principal Developer Advocate Twitch Twitch
Tomás Pietravallo
AR Developer & CS Student Creator Enegix
Andrew Dunar
VR Developer HaptX HaptX Inc.
Mohsen Khurasany
Sr. Manager, XR Content & Innovation Walmart Walmart
Richard Hess
Extended Reality (XR) Center of Excellence (CoE) Lead Mondelēz International Mondelēz International
Nils Pihl
CEO Auki Labs Auki Labs
Kaitlyn Franz
Senior Product Manager HaptX HaptX Inc.
David Dowdall
Director, Sales PureWeb PureWeb
Brian Nevinsky
Technical Fellow Lockheed Martin Lockheed Martin
Jeff Pohlman
EVP / Head of Global Communications/PR HTC Vive HTC Vive
Dr. Sanika Doolani
Head of Product Edstutia Edstutia
Kevin Viggers
Director, R&D PureWeb PureWeb
Andrea Bravo
Founder & Editor Metaverse Data & Ethics Metaverse Data & Ethics
Joanna Popper
Senior Media, Ent & Emerging Tech Exec Consultant Emerging Payments Association Asia
Aaron Luk
Core Spec WG Chairperson for AOUSD NVIDIA NVIDIA
Eric Chadwick
Senior 3D Technical Artist Darmstadt Graphics Group GmbH Darmstadt Graphics Group
Alexander Berlin
Founder & CEO Arvizio Arvizio
Co-founder LikeXR LikeXR
Caspar Thykier
Co-founder & CEO Zappar Zappar
Dr. Brenda Wiederhold
Co-Founder Virtual Reality Medical Center and Interactive Media Institute, a 501c3 non-profit Virtual Reality Medical Center
Mike Boland
Chief Analyst AR Insider ARtillery Intelligence
Amanda Proscia
COO & Founder Lightspeed PR Lightspeed PR
Henrik Edstrom
Distinguished Architect, Graphics Autodesk Autodesk
Christiaan Varekamp
Senior Scientist Philips Royal Philips Healthcare
Sydney Blount
Lead Experience Designer Magic Leap Magic Leap
Ethan Rasiel
CEO & Founder Lightspeed PR Lightspeed PR
Joe Michaels
Chief Revenue Officer HaptX HaptX Inc.
Maddie Callander
VP Accelerator & Portfolio Boost VC Boost VC
Luis Oscar Ramirez
Founder and CEO Mawari Mawari
Olga Dogadkina
Founder & CEO Emperia Emperia
Justin Barad, MD
Founder & CEO Osso VR Osso VR
Marco DeMiroz
Co-founder & General Partner The Venture Reality Fund The Venture Reality Fund
Linda Jacobson
Director of Marketing HaptX HaptX Inc.
Botond Bognar
CEO Pillantas Pillantas
Jasper Brand
Nanea Reeves
CEO & Co-Founder Tripp Trippki
Trish Gianakis
Artist BronxNet TV BronxNet TV
Laura Thérèse Cummings
Manager, Partner Relations, Industry Unity Unity
Amy LaMeyer
Managing Partner WXR Fund WXR
Jane Rawnsley
SVP Creative AI Avataar Avataar
Sly Spencer-Lee
Co-Founder & Co-CEO Emerge Emerge
Adam Draper
Managing Director Boost VC Boost VC
Vijay Ravindran
CEO Floreo Floreo
Terry Proto
CEO + Co-Founder Virtual Reality Marketing Virtual Reality Marketing
Amy Allison
XR Consultat Fatdroid Virtual Athletics League
Robin Raskin
Founder Virtual Events Group Virtual Events Group
Jon Karafin
CEO and Founder Light Field Lab Light Field Lab
Whitton Frank
Co-Founder Ferryman Collective Ferryman Collective
Ben Erwin
Creator The Poly Awards The Polys
Jessica Owens
Field Marketing Director, Pacific Region Molson Coors Molson Coors
Sally Slade
Lead XR Technical Artist Genies Genies
Marc Fernandez
CEO Ron Revog Inc Ron Revog Inc
Helen Lundström Erwin
Novelist & VR World Creator The Foremothers Café The Foremothers Café
Shahwali Shayan
Guest Lecturer Royal College of Art Royal College of Art
Alan Smithson
Co-Founder METAVRSE MetaVRse
Monica Hsueh
Global Marketing Manager Speed 3D Inc. Speed 3D Inc.
Molli Aronce
Community Developer VR Create|Connect Virtual Reality (VR)
Jason Yim
CEO & Founder Trigger XR Trigger XR
Blake Gross
Co-Founder DB Creations DB Creations
Dan Krolczyk
Director, Client Solutions ELB Learning ELB Learning
Matthew Wren
Founder VRAR Chicago, Inc. Chicago Cubs
Kaitlyn O'Connor
Partner Nixon Gwilt Law Nixon Gwilt Law
Louis Rosenberg
CEO and Chief Scientist Unanimous AI Unanimous AI
Dace Campbell
Chief Innovation Executive Dace Campbell Consulting Dace Campbell Consulting
Molly Lavik
CEO & Founder Mentor InSight, Inc. Mentor InSight, Inc.
Ariel Giacobbe
Leo Nguyen
Senior Solutions Consultant Unity Unity
Julia A Scott
Adjunct Assistant Professor Santa Clara University Santa Clara University
John Anderson
Professor University of Idaho Idaho National Laboratory
Stefan Göppel
Elizabeth Baron
Founder Immersionary Enterprises Immersionary Enterprises
Kirsten Hudson
Chief Metaverse Officer Social Concept Group Social Concept Group
James Roosevelt
Director of Technology Trigger XR Trigger XR
Kyle Render
CEO Rendered Talent Rendered Talent
Paul Hillman
Affiliate Faculty of Practice Grand Valley State University Grand Valley State University
Lucy Hayto
Lecturer in Immersive Media Technology University for the Creative Arts University for the Creative Arts
John Hanacek
XR Interaction Designer Nanome Nanome
Amany Alkhayat
Adjunct Faculty New York Institute of Technology New York Institute of Technology
David Gainey
Project Director Cañada College Cañada College
Nico Fara
CEO Let's Goooo! Let's Goooo!
Cinthya Jauregui
AR Researcher Santa Clara University Santa Clara University
Tiago Valente
Founder & Creative Director Tiago Valente Tiago Valente
Christa Laser
Professor of Innovation Law Cleveland State University Cleveland State University
Erik Fuentes
VP: Learn Innovation Lead Chase Bank Chase
Amir Ahmadi
XR Researcher, Designer & Developer Educator The Educator Magazine U.K.
Carsten Becker
Creative Director / Consultant Motomo Studio Motomo Studio
Ryat Yezbick
Arizona State University Arizona State University
Paul Martin
CEO & Founder tagSpace tagSpace
Jenny Dinh-Tran
Student & Researcher Santa Clara University Santa Clara University
Todd Jackson
Content Creator / Podcaster Q2C VR Gamer Q2C VR Gamer
Erin Reilly
Professor/Founding Director, Texas Immersive Institute University of Texas at Austin The University of Texas at Austin
Patrick O'Shaughnessey
Founder and CEO Patched Reality Inc. Patched Reality Inc.
Cristina Carl
Founder/CEO Ediphi Ediphi
Chris Wren
Director of Software Partnerships Ultraleap Ultraleap
Amelia Stys
Innovation Girls InnoVationGirls
Gaurav Sharma
General Manager of Interactive Learning Transfr Transfr
Najda Musta
Innovation Girls InnoVationGirls
Cortney Harding
Founder & CEO Friends with Holograms Friends with Holograms
Tereze Bogdane
Innovation Girls InnoVationGirls
Joshua Littlefield
Chief Revenue Officer and President Dispelix Dispelix
Marta Teivane
Innovation Girls InnoVationGirls
Nicole Schlegel
Vice President, Global Digital Marketing Universal Pictures Universal Pictures
Natalia Stys
Innovation Girls InnoVationGirls
Nic Hill
Co-Founder & Head of Interactive Sawhorse Productions Sawhorse Productions
Michelle Weisblat-Dane
Project Manager IAmCompuBear Consortium IAmCompuBear Consortium
Todd Lichten
Head of Entertainment Partnerships Roblox Roblox Game
Richard Zreik
CIO Innovation Girls InnoVationGirls
Bhaskar Banerjee
Co-Founder/CTO Grid Raster Inc. Grid Raster
Dijam Panigrahi
Co-founder/COO Grid Raster Inc. Grid Raster
Thomas Alt
Jamie Keane
Director, Product Management Meta Meta
Kaare Eriksen
Media Analyst, VIP+ Variety Variety
Roman Hasenbeck
Founder & CEO
Paula Monteiro
Director Marketing Communications ANYLINE Anyline
Cagan Sean Yuksel
Executive Creative Director and Partner Dreamspace Dreamspace
Torsten Gross
Chief Marketing Officer MateriaMX MateriaMX
Troy Jones Jr.
Co-Founder and CEO StatusPro StatusPRO
Darya Sesitskaya
CEO & Co-Founder Shader Shader
Tom Ditzler
Portfolio Director - Research & Development J.J. Keller & Associates JJ Keller
Justin Malloy
Senior Product Manager, Fire Training Equipment LION LION
Stefy Bau
Founder & CEO Init Esports Init Esports
Kidus Solomon
Student Santa Clara University Santa Clara University
Ryan Wang
Partner Outpost Capital Outpost Capital
Frédéric Plourde
XR Lead Collabora ltd. The Collaboratorium
Founder - Creator Persona Foundation Persona Foundation
Darren Cox
Creator GT Academy DCC+Co
Eddy Adams
Augmented Reality Designer Eddy Adams LLC Eddy Adams
Isabella Gomez
Santa Clara University Student and Researcher Santa Clara University
Jared Bienz
Founder and Principal Consultant SolerSoft SolerSoft
Laura Kusumoto
Founder and Principal Consultant IterationZero IterationZero
Florian Haspinger
Co-founder and CEO Hololight Hololight
Amir Khorram
General Manager ByteDance | PICO PICO XR
Susanne Haspinger
Co-founder and COO Hololight Hololight
Vickie Nauman
Founder CrossBorderWorks CrossBorderWorks
Philipp Landgraf
Senior Director XR-Streaming Hololight Hololight
Adele Keane
COO & Creative Director Imvizar Imvizar
Daisy Berns
XR GTM Strategist PICO XR
Yvo Klare
XR Business Consultant & Data Specialist KLM Royal Dutch Airlines KLM Royal Dutch Airlines
Sven Brunner
Founder & CEO Sphere (by holo|one) Hypersphere Ventures
Matthew Byrd
Founder & CEO Reality Capture Network Reality Capture Network
Victor Agulhon
Dr. Aldis Sipolins
Senior Manager, Advanced Research & Development Adeia Adeia
Laura Brown
XR Learning Design Consultant, Public Safety Mindset | Learning Design oracle
Kevin Park
Chair of Digital Art and Design Dept. - Assistant Professor New York Institute of Technology New York Institute of Technology
Monica Arés
Founder Th3 Third Door Imperial College London
Neville Spiteri
Co-founder / CEO Wevr Wevr
Ryan Canuel
CEO Petricore, Inc Petricore
Scott Stachiw
VP of XR Design & Development Roundtable Learning Roundtable Learning
Nisha Burton
CMO Lucid Living Inc. Lucid Living
Jenni Ogden
President Eye Q Productions Eye Q Productions
Major Bunton
Director of Programs Creative Acts Creative Acts
Kiuk Gwak
CEO bHaptics bHaptics
Marty Banks
Professor of Vision Science UC Berkeley UC Berkeley
Steve Feiner
Professor of Computer Science Columbia University Science Columbia University
Oscar Cartagena
Founder & CEO Augmented Experiences Augmented Experiences
Nima Shams
VP & GM of Product DigiLens Digilens, Inc.
Jason Rubin
VP, Metaverse Experiences Meta
Susan Cummings
Director Fictioneers Fictioneers
Brian Hamilton
VP, Sales & Marketing DigiLens Inc. Digilens, Inc.
Jacquelyn Morie
Founder, Chief Scientist All These Worlds, LLC All These Worlds
Pablo Colapinto
Head of Immersive Nexus Studios Nexus Studios
Bharath Rajagopalan
Director of Strategic Marketing STMicroelectronics STMicroelectronics
Palmer Luckey
Founder Anduril Anduril
Kathleen Cohen
Tech Humanist, XR Strategist The Collaboratorium The Collaboratorium
Westley Wadsworth
Principal Experience Designer Transfr Transfrontier Africa
Leila Amirsadeghi
Principal Program Manager Microsoft in Ireland
Stephen Curtis
Principle Software Engineer - Accelerated Engineering IQXR IQXR
Stanton Nash
XR Designer Transfr Transfr
Tom Furness
Founder & Chairman Virtual World Society
Leonard Daly
President Daly Realism Daly Realism
Marina Halter
Senior Instructional Designer Transfr Transfr
Don Allen Stevenson III
Creator, Public Speaker Dreamworks Animation
Casandra Vuong
Co-Founder Cas and Chary VR Cas and Chary VR
Kurt Scheuringer
Principal Spatial Computing Prototyping Architect Amazon Web Services (AWS) Amazon Web Services (AWS)
Ori Inbar
Co-Founder AWE and Super Ventures Super Ventures
Chary Keijzer
Co-Founder Cas and Chary VR Cas and Chary VR
Evan Helda
Spatial Computing Amazon Web Services (AWS) Amazon Web Services (AWS)
Angela Carnrite
Senior Manager, Sales Enablement Thermo Fisher Scientific Thermo Fisher Scientific
Zac Duff
CEO JigSpace Inc. JigSpace
Martin Enthed
Innovation Manager IKEA IKEA UK&IE
Anand Dass
Director, VR/MR Apps Meta Meta
Chris Sloan
Head of Global Partnerships SOFiA Genetics
Rahel Demant
Co-Founder XR Bootcamp XR Bootcamp
Aniella Arantes
Global Technology | Immersive Tech Products | VP J.P. Morgan Private Bank
Bobby Carlton
VR/XR Content Manager & Business Development FS Studio FS Studio
Thomas Codrick
Senior Lead Engineer Booz Allen Hamilton Booz Allen Hamilton
Helena Dong
Senior Art Director BUCK BUCK
Trista Pierce
Senior Digital Strategist Booz Allen Hamilton Booz Allen Hamilton
Ruth Diaz
Co-founder and Core Vision Owner VR Create|Connect Virtual Reality (VR)
Richard Robinson
VP of Innovation / GM of the AgeTech Collaborative? AARP
Sean Dougherty
Director, AUX Services Lighthouse SF Lighthouse SF
Young Guru
Greg Downing
CEO Hyperacuity Hyperacuity
Jacqueline Zimmermann
Lead Behavioral Scientist Magic Leap
Adrian Rashad Driscoll
Head of Immersive Collimation Timmersive
Chi Xu
Wade Lewis
Immersive Technology Applications Engineer Johns Hopkins University Applied Physics Laboratory The Johns Hopkins University Applied Physics Laboratory
Jasmine Roberts
Research Engineer Microsoft Research
Shika (JoyReignVR) Duncan
CEO Onyx Leaf Media Onyx Leaf Media
Vishal Shah
General Manager, XR & Metaverse Lenovo
Dr Joe Elliott
Owner/VR mental health practitioner Joe Elliott Psychological Svcs. Joe Elliott Psychological Svcs.
Chris Anderson
Sr. Product Manager - Technical Amazon
Naamah Argaman
AR Product Tech Lead Meta Meta
Jesse Schell
CEO Schell Games Schell Games
Markus Eger
Assistant Professor of Computer Science Cal Poly Pomona Cal Poly Pomona
Ashleigh Miller
Sr Program Manager & 3D SME Amazon Web Services (AWS)
Rolando Masís-Obando
Neuroscientist + YouTuber Johns Hopkins University The Johns Hopkins University Applied Physics Laboratory
Andrew Lowe
Chief Advanced Visualization Engineer Rolls-Royce
Kelles Gordge
Mechanical Engineer & XR Dev Johns Hopkins University Applied Physics Laboratory The Johns Hopkins University Applied Physics Laboratory
Jeffrey Berthiaume
Sr. Innovator Southwest Airlines
Tom Emrich
Direct, Product Management Niantic, Inc. Niantic, Inc.
Bobby Basham
Director, Baseball Innovation Chicago Cubs Chicago Cubs
Sadah Espii Proctor
Lecturer in Design Yale University Yale University
Valerie Allie
Video Solutions Group Director InterDigital
Taylor Hurst
Principal Konvoy Konvoy
Tommy Palm
CEO Resolution Games Resolution Games
Petri Rajahalme
Founding Partner FOV Ventures FOV Ventures
Dan O'Brien
HTC Vive President | Americas HTC
Moritz Baier-Lentz
Partner Lightspeed Lightspeed Venture Partners
Tracy Evans
President Exhibitry Exhibitry
Paul Davies
Technical Fellow The Boeing Company
Dr. John Francis
Planet Walker Planetwalk Planetwalk
Kimate Richards
Sr. Solutions Architect Amazon Web Services (AWS) Amazon
Carolina Cruz-Neira
Agere Chair Professor in Computer Science University of Central Florida
Dylan Fox
Director of Operations XR Access XR Access
Dan Cotting
Spatial Solutions Architect Manager Amazon Web Services (AWS) Amazon
April Boyd-Noronha
Veronica Flint
Founder and Creative Director Quixotical Quixotical
Lauren Marble
Senior Solutions Architect Amazon Web Services (AWS) Amazon Web Services (AWS)
Yu Cheng
User Experience Designer Schlumberger
Dan Flanegan
Founder & CEO That XR Company XR Access
Suzanne Borders
Brandon Andrews
Co-Founder Gauge Gauge
Charlie Fink
Columnist Forbes Forbes
Radhika Mukhija
Founder Higher Prana VR Higher Prana VR
Athicha Dhanormchitphong
Digital & Extended Realities Architect ExxonMobil
Ashley Neall
Co-President Intercollegiate XR (ICXR) ICXR
Andy Hunt
Manager, Digital Innovation Lab The Hershey Company
Natascha French
CMO MVP Interactive MVP Interactive
Tony Liao
Associate Professor University of Houston University of Houston
Alex Goldberg
XR Innovations Blue Origin
Daniel Frith
Chief Creative Officer (CCO) London Dynamics London Dynamics
Logan Smith
Chief Technology Officer Argyle Argyle
Amy Knox
Immersive Health Lead Booz Allen Hamilton
Avi Bar-Zeev
Founder, President XR Guild XR Guild
Brian Wassom
Chair, Emerging Tech Group Warner Norcross + Judd LLP Warner Norcross + Judd LLP
Max Sikorski
Virtual Reality Leader General Motors
Connell Gauld
Co-founder & CTO Zappar Zappar
Byron Beasley
Research Engineer Rady Children's Hospital Rady Children's Hospital
Jenna Seiden
Senior VP Business Development Skydance Interactive
Kristin Glushon
Head of Marketing Trigger XR Trigger XR
Doug Smith
Director of Learning Success Holopundits / XR Guru HoloPundits
Ryan Wheeler
Senior Technical Fellow of Advanced Visualizations Collins Aerospace
James Giglio
CEO and Founder MVP Interactive MVP Interactive
Meaghan Fitzpatrick
Product Marketing NVIDIA NVIDIA
Angelina Dayton
Executive Director Virtual World Society Virtual World Society
Sallia Goldstein
Project Director Paper Triangles Paper Triangles
Ian MacKenzie
XR Developer & Creator Pencil! Creature
Barton Goldenberg
President ISM Inc. ISM, Inc.
Richard Pieterse
Senior Game Developer Netflix Netflix
Molly Bloom
Lead UX Researcher Cisco Cisco
Tahnee Gehm
Owner BrightEye Studios BrightEye Studios
Edward Tang
CEO Avegant Avegant
Alex Katouzian
Group General Manager, Mobile, Compute, & XR (MCX) Qualcomm Qualcomm
Rajat Lokesh
Senior XR Developer Schlumberger Schlumberger Technology Investments
Perrin Kaplan
Co-Founder Zebra Partners Zebra Partners
Mar Gonzalez-Franco
Google Google
Scott Fisher
Director, USC Mobile & Environmental Media Lab USC School of Cinematic Arts USC School of Cinematic Arts
Alvin Graylin
Author, Our Next Reality | Global VP, HTC HTC
Scarlett Kim
Creative Producer Culture House Immersive Culture House Immersive
Alon Grinshpoon
CEO echo3D echo3D
Iris Jumbe
Lead, Marketing and Communications, Global Collaboration Village, World Economic Forum World Economic Forum
Cathy Hackl
CEO Spatial Dynamics Spatial Dynamics
Brianna Wick
Digital Marketing Rodeo Plastic Surgery Rodeo Drive Plastic Surgery
Michelle Hascall
Manager of Learning & Development Cortica Cortica
Olga Ivanova
Founder & CEO VR Oxygen, Inc. VR Oxygen, Inc.
Neil Hattangadi
CEO Cortica Cortica
Darshan Shankar
CEO & Founder Bigscreen VR Bigscreen VR
Satoshi Hattori
XR Engineer Cyber AI Productions, Inc. Cyber AI Productions
Daniel Robinson
Founder and CEO RED 6 RED 6
Brittan Heller
Counsel Atlantic Council Atlantic Council
Deborah Worrell
Chief Strategy Officer & Partner Virtual Reality Marketing Virtual Reality Marketing
Amy Hedrick
CEO Cleanbox Technology Cleanbox Technology
Todd Boppell
COO National Association of Manufacturers - NAM National Association of Manufacturers - NAM
Robert Hernandez
Professor of Professional Practice USC Annenberg School of Journalism USC Annenberg School of Journalism
Billy Check
Director of Electrical Engineering Iontra Iontra
Destery Hildenbrand
XR Solution Architect Intellezy Intellezy
Chance Sterling
Senior Manager, Battery Analytics and Testing Iontra Iontra
Erin Hilliard
Cyber/Data/Privacy Associate Cooley Cooley LLP
Ian Dawson
CEO Augmentive Studio for AR/VR/XR Augmentive Studio
Sai Huda
Founder, Chairman & CEO CyberCatch CyberCatch
Melanie Hogue
Content Designer Microsoft Microsoft in Ireland
Holly Hirzel
Director of Product Management - AR Consultant Walmart
Marty Resnick
Co-Lead Gartner Futures Lab Gartner Gartner
Bob Fine
Executive Director IVRHA IVRHA
Ana Ribeiro
Game Designer ARVORE Immersive Experiences ARVORE
Stefanie Hutka
Founder & Head of Design Research Sendfull Sendfull
Stephanie Riggs
Author The End of Storytelling: The Future of Narrative in the Storyplex Refinery29
Sean Hurwitz
Albert Rizzo
Director, Medical Virtual Reality University of Southern California ICT University of Southern California ICT
Luke Hurd
Innovation WPP / VML WPP
Matthew Tomlinson
Extended Reality & Metaverse Lead (R&D) Mondelēz International Mondelēz International
Cindy Huggett
Principal Cindy Huggett Consulting, LLC Cindy Huggett
Adi Robertson
Senior Reporter The Verge The Convergence Protocol
Tristan Gribbin
Founder & CEO Flow Flowchain
Max Almy
Chief Creative Officer Magika VRx Magika VRx
Caitlin Krause
Founder MindWise MindWise
David Robustelli
Creative Technologist Beyond beyondthosehills
Howard Gurr
Psychologist Private Practice Fidelity Insurance Brokers Private Limited
David Rokhlin
Former Program Coordinator at Meta Reality Labs Consultant Meta
Albert Kashchenevsky
CEO Eyecuracy Eyecuracy
Bryan Rokoszak
XR Experience Design Leader Deloitte Deloitte
Suzan Kardong-Edgren
Associate Professor MGH Institute of Health Professions MGH Institute of Health Professions
Adam Rose
COO Starling Lab for Data Integrity Starling Lab
Ginna Lambert
Co-Founder Lighthouse XR Lighthouse SF
Elizabeth Rothman
Advisor | Senior Legal Affairs & Digital Trust Advisor XRSI - X Reality Safety Intelligence X Reality Safety Intelligence (XRSI)
Emmett Lalish
Staff Software Engineer Google Google
Dom Sagolla
Co-Founder VisionDevCamp VisionDevCamp
Jason Laan
Partner Laan Labs Laan Labs
Matthias Sala
CEO Ambia Gbanga
Adam Lisagor
Founder Sandwich Sandwich
Ted Schilowitz
Futurist & Co-Founder Red Camera Red Camera
Cameron Kostopoulos
Immersive Director, Founder & CEO Kost Kost
Harald Wuest
CEO Visometry Visometry
Kevin Ang
XR Artist Bingko Inscribing Atlantis
Terry Schussler
Sr. Dir., XR & Metaverse Deutsche Telekom AG Deutsche Telekom AG
Dustin Kochensparger
Co-Founder DB Creations DB Creations
Lori H. Schwartz
CEO and Founder StoryTech Story Tech
Rebecca Evans
XR Director Dimension Adventures Creative Acts
Nicole Lazzaro
President Xeodesign Inc Xeodesign Inc
Josette Seitz
XR Developer & Creator Specular Theory Specular Theory
Yulia Lápicus
XR Designer, Author Consultant Dagger Consulting LLC
Brian Selzer
CEO BlueSe7en Media BlueSe7en
Chris Pfaff
Owner Chris Pfaff Tech Media LLC Chris Pfaff Tech Media LLC
Chris Lane
Co-Founder, CEO, & Chief Technology Officer 3dMD 3dMD
Rocío Sergio
Design Research Engineer Magic Leap Magic Leap
Stephanie Llamas
Founder VoxPop Insights VoxPop
Ash Shah
AR Prototype Engineer Magic Leap Magic Leap
Lisa Peyton
Emerging Technology & Strategic Communications Professor Univ. of Oregon University of Oregon
Nina Faye Lin
CEO / Co-Founder XRIO XRIO
Karen Alexander
Executive Director XR Women XR Women
John Cunningham
President Virtualware Virtualware
Young Lee
VP, Devices Partnerships for Meta Reality Labs Meta
Bernie Yee
CEO & Executive Producer Windup Minds Windup Minds
Megha Sharma
Product Manager Microsoft Microsoft
Jamie Crisman
CEO/Digital Content Creator GingasVR LLC Fifth Third Bank
Leslie Shannon
Head of Trend and Innovation Scouting, Nokia Technology Leadership Nokia Nokia
Supreet Singh
Mobile & Spatial Independent Consultant Code and Theory
Michael Hotaling
Operations Excellence Digital Manager ExxonMobil ExxonMobil
Wendy Sherman
XR Women XR Women
Tricia Blake
Director of Communications XR Women XR Women
Christine Hobbi
Chief Immersion Officer ServiceAlliances International, Inc. International Business Magazine
Tomas Sluka
Julie Smithson
Co-Founder & COO METAVRSE MetaVRse
Sarah Barker
Adult Educator|Media Psychology PhD Candidate Creative Media Hub | VR: A Path to Mental Wellness RightAfterThis
Tony Bevilacqua
Founder & CEO Cognitive3D Cognitive3D
Louisa Spring
Principal, Tech Development Strategy T-Mobile T Mobile
Dr. Helen Papagiannis
Augmented Reality Pioneer Pioneers
Dan Blair
Finn Staber
CEO Chicken Waffle Chicken Waffle
Greg Tarnacki
CEO / Founder 18Loop MediChain
Trent Goodin
Creative Director Orlando Economic Partnership Orlando Economic Partnership
Ben Taylor
Technical Director, XR Initiatives SQUARE ENIX SQUARE ENIX
Marco Tempest
Creative Technologist NASA Jet Propulsion Laboratory NASA Jet Propulsion Laboratory
Olga Sheverieva
Ambassador Women In Games Live Aware Labs
Jacqueline Cooper
Co-Founder CG Pro and CG Empowers CG Pro and CG Empowers CG Empowers
Nathan Thomas
Technical Training Instructor CN Railway CN Railway
Miao Tian
Senior Product Designer Autodesk Autodesk
Emily O'Neal
Creative Director Lighthaus Inc Lighthaus Inc
Matt Thompson
Chapter President VRARA-STL St Louis
Almir Brljak
COO Sinn Studio Sinn Studio
Celine Tricart
President, Co-Founder Coven CoVenture
JP Minetos
Research and Investments Hartmann Capital Hartmann Capital
Anne Toole
Writer Tech Writer
Alex Porter
CEO Mod Tech Labs Inc. UMS Tech Labs
Estella Tse
XR Creative Director and Artist Estella Tse, LLC Estella Tse
Malia Probst
Founding Partner Scout House Scout House
Morgan Tucker
Head of Product, Creator Rec Room Rec Room
Rita Turkowski
Developer Program Manager Meta Meta
George Rendell
VP, NX Design Product Management and Product Marketing Siemens Digital Industries Software Siemens Digital Industries Software
Erik Viirre
Director Arthur C Clarke Center for Human Imagination UC San Diego University of California at San Diego
Nick Turner
Digital Strategy Coordinator Barr Engineering Barr Engineering
Trent Hermen
Vice President of Business Development Select Rehabilitation Select Rehabilitation
Richard Vincent
CEO, Co-Founder FundamentalVR FundamentalVR
Kristin Carey
Head of Creative, Resident XR/VP Producer 3500 Kelvin 3500 Kelvin
Desirey Virgin
Global Account Executive Sonder Sonder
Antony Vitillo
Owner The Ghost Howls The Ghost Howls
Tipatat Chennavasin
Co-Founder & General Partner The Venture Reality Fund The Venture Reality Fund
Wadooah Wali
Co-Founder, CSO & Executive Producer New Canvas New Canvas
Lafiya Watson Ramirez
Multidisciplinary Artist Bad Chick Studios Bad Chick Studios
Nodo Ivanidze
Founder and CEO MetaViu MetaViu
Ted Werth
CFO & Head of Corporate Development Mynd Immersive Mynd Immersive
Michael Whatley
Senior Director, Service Innovation & Performance The Coca-Cola Company The Coca-Cola Company
Benjamin Reynolds
Senior Fellow, Innovation Engineering PTC PTC
Whitney White
CEO & Co-Founder Equity Commons Equity Commons
Sabra Williams
Co-Founder & Executive Director Creative Acts Creative Acts
Josh Bankston
Partner MACE Virtual Labs Virtual Labs
Samantha Wolfe
Managing Partner PitchFWD LLC PitchFWD
Eric Masher
COO Impact Reality / Flat2VR Studios Impact Reality XR
Teri Yarbrow
President and CEO Magika VRx Magika VRx
Harry (Skeeva) Skigis
Founder Impact Reality / XR Update / Between Realities Impact Reality XR
Benny Lee
Senior Manager of Experiential Design Coca-Cola The Coca-Cola Company
Jasmine Uniza
CEO Impact Reality / Flat2VR Studios Impact Reality XR
Leslie Forsberg
VR Development Lead The Boeing Company The Boeing Company
Anne Lord Bailey
Executive Director, Strategic Initiatives Lab Veterans Affairs U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs
Elliott Tate
CMO Impact Reality / Flat2VR Studios Impact Reality XR
Aditi Chalisgaonkar
AR/VR Product Manager Walmart Walmart
Nova Lorraine
Author + Editor in Chief Raine Magazine Raine Magazine
Christi Fenison
Co-Founder Cause + Christi: Immersive XR Design Cause + Christi: Immersive XR Design
Gene Feldman
Training Manager Nestle Purina Nestlé
Deirdre V. Lyons
Co-Founder Ferryman Collective Ferryman Collective
Sasha Zabegalin
Self-Expression Technologist Sasha Zabegalin Sasha Zabegalin
Dulce Baerga
Mixed Reality Technologist Dulce Dotcom Dulce Dotcom
Devin Marble
Owner ImmersiveMedical Immersive Healthcare
Raven Zachary
COO ARound ARound
Jeremy Dalton
Head of XR PwC PwC Deutschland
Joe Mares
Owner Fun Empire, Inc. FunEmpire
Alexis Zerafa
AR Artist and Creative Technologist The Mill The Mill


Jun 18, 2024, 9:00 AM , PST (UTC -8)
Jun 20, 2024, 6:00 PM , PST (UTC -8)
Long Beach Convention & Entertainment Center