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Ethlas is the “Steam Games Platform for Blockchain'', hosting a library of both in-house and 3rd party games atop our unified crypto rewards platform. Players compete in different skill-based games to earn $GEMs (in-game currency) by ranking on the leaderboard and participating in tournaments. Through our genesis NFT series, Komos can be equipped with in-game utility to influence a player’s earn rate.
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About Ethlas

A balanced incentive structure for multiple stakeholders:
  1. 1. F2P players are incentivised to earn crypto while having fun playing Ethlas’ games, making gaming a gig economy vs just a time-wasting hobby.
  2. 2. P2E players can create revenue generating streams by loaning their NFTs to skilled players to farm $GEMS on their behalf. Profit is shared between the players putting in money (managers) and players putting in skill and effort (scholars).
  3. 3. Game studios have a symbiotic relationship with Ethlas - studios focus on creating quality games, while Ethlas maintains the sustainability of a rewards platform and an eager player base for studios to tap on a thriving P2E ecosystem without worrying about marketing, token governance and distribution outreach.
  4. 4. Corporates across web 2.0 and 3.0 can be plugged into the ecosystem to reach out to the next billion crypto users through sponsored prize pools and partnerships.
Ethlas aims to be a truly interoperable metaverse that uses blockchain technology to bring about the age of mass market consumer gaming that leads to player earnings. By turning gaming from a hobby into a legitimate stream of income, we believe that Ethlas (and other Game-Fis) are positioned to bring about a new wave of crypto powered gig economy. Unlike many crypto studios who just want to be a game publisher, we believe that our ambitions to be a platform differentiates us from the competition.

Ethlas Roadmap

  • Phase 1 - Building up the Game Ecosystem

  • Wallet Integration
    Games Metaverse
    Daily streaks
    Wheels of Fortune
    Gem Fountain
    Seed Funding
  • Phase 2 - Expanding Ethlas Metaverse

  • NFT Sale
    NFT In-game Utility
    Gamer Profile
    Guilds Partnerships
    Studio Partnerships
    P2P Marketplace
    Battle Royale
    Social Logins
    Sponsored Pools
    Gen-2 NFTs
    GEMs Ecosystem Fund for Influencers & Game Studios
  • Phase 3 - Above and Beyond

  • Ethlas PFPs
    NFT Interoperability
    Land Sales
    Megaverse SDK
    PC, Android & iOS
    Guardian's Roundtable Gathering


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