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Created using Figma
Created using Figma
The ESR Coin platform is a real life Coin with the most light block chains and sub-30-second transfer speeds, and it is a self-evolving decentralized type of money. The block chain of ESR Coin is a version of a secured and modified the block chain of the existing bit coin to make it lighter and smaller.It also has the fastest transfer rate of virtual money, thus making it a virtual currency that can be used in real life as money. ESR Coin offers electronic wallets that respond to a variety of devices. ESR Coin wallets can be used on any operating system worldwide, including smart phones and PCs. The ESR Coin on it’s own platform, based on the X11-II, has been developed to integrate global distribution business as one and to use as a payment system in the fields of b to c, b to b, m to m, b to g, combining with the network RPS sytem that we developed for the first time in the world.We established a Welfare Foundation for the donation to such global public walfare business as making international relief agency, children and women, schools, hospitals, water of underdeveloping countries and protect the Earth’s environmental resources. We will also elect a chairman of the world and appoint about 150 chairmans of each counties to support the activities of the Welfare Foundation.
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The modern distribution market is rapidly entering the era of electronic commerce with the borders collapsed due to the activation of the e – commerce market. The revolutionary change of way of distribution so far now and the patterns of consumption are also globalized, individuals are centered, middle margins and supply bubble is disappearing. Domestic manufacturers must also produce better products at lower prices and utilize global distribution systems in order to survive competition. Now competition is not bind with a country, it is an age of competition with the entire world.

Wal-Mart, a traditional offshoot of global offline distribution, has been pushed to the brink by the air raids of representative online shopping mall, Amazon. The current distribution market is led by Amazon, Alibaba and eBay, which are representative companies in e-commerce field.

The global online e-commerce market is experiencing an explosive annual growth rate of 25% and is expected to increase from USD 300 billion in 2015 to USD 900 billion in 2020. China has 24 trillion yuan (4000 trillion won), and 30 trillion won in Southeast Asian markets such as Vietnam,
Malaysia and Indonesia.

Amazon and Alibaba are dominating the global e-commerce market and are fiercely competing each other.

In the global online market where e-commerce takes the initiative, the optimized ESR platform is built on the global shopping mall W1mall and ESR Coin, a cutting-edge payment method and a strong marketing system that integrates the global market and the only network infrastructure in global e-commerce market making a Blue Ocean without competitors.


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30 Days Growth:

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