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About Erugo World Coin

Erugo World Coin (hereinafter referred to as EWC) is designed to connect the real economy system with the virtual reality-based Metaverse platform 'Erugo World'. We, the Erugo team, thought that the true completion of Metaverse should be directly connected to the real world beyond the virtual world.

The biggest problem with this completion is that in reality, the reliability of assets in the virtual world cannot be secured. So far, there have been many services claiming to be Metaverse, but no services have succeeded in this. Virtual assets on a digital base are free to create copies that are not different from the original. The copies produced in this way caused excessive inflation or deflation in the market, causing the service to fail.

Our team paid attention to this and studied the solution, and the answer was to use EWC, a blockchain cryptocurrency. EWC is the perfect means to help users experience the economic activities they experience at Metaverse "Erugo World" in the real world. EWC allows users' assets to come and go between Erugo World and reality. EWC is a kind of passage.


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