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Eros is building the "Silkroad of sex" to match consenting adults looking for sex and those looking for money. Thanks to Ethereum and Zeronet, the platform will ensure 100% censorship resistance to authorities crackdowns. Token holders will be able to enjoy various incentives, including beta access and dividends.
Risk: High
Jul 9, 2017 — Jul 23, 2017
Raised 4 835 093 USD
Goal 5 000 000 USD
Cap 10 000 000 USD
  • From Jul 9, 2017 Till Jul 23, 2017 —
    1 ERS
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They're building world’s first decentralized sex marketplace. Why the decentralization? We want this platform available to any human being on this planet, no matter whether they live in an extremely conservative country like Iran, or in a very progressive one like Netherlands. Plus, they want it to last. Forever. Their goal is to offer an authentic OpenBazaar of Sex that cannot be censured, banned nor shut down by any government or religious authority. The potential? You might remember how the first real use case for bitcoin, the Darknet marketplaces that offered for the first time in history the ability to purchase narcotics with a single click, propelled the bitcoin price at the end of 2013.

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They believe that Eros could represent the same opportunity and pivotal moment for Ethereum, considering the fact that estimates place the annual revenue generated by prostitution worldwide to be over US$100 billion despite the fact that most of this activity still takes place in the street, leading to undesirable effects for all parties involved.

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  • 100,000 monthly active users expected


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Kevin Yang
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