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Equibit is blockchain-based securities register allowing for efficient management of equity. The system includes a shareholder communications system, as well as the ability to easily issue BTC-denominated dividends and distributions to holders of equity; jobs typically performed through transfer agents and central depositories at great cost to issuers and brokers.
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Feb 1, 2017
Apr 1, 2017
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Jan 31, 2017
Mar 30, 2017
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About Equibit

Equity represents one of the largest classes of investments, typically controlled by central depositories and stock transfer agents. Despite its size, the overall equity market is opaque and market actors must rely on these intermediaries to raise capital, conduct trades, and accurately manage their shareholder registers. Extensive documentation is required in order to ensure that purchased units are authentic. Furthermore, issuers or their agents have to maintain a register of investor’s identities and addresses in order to distribute earnings and collect votes on investor resolutions. This requires issuers to collect extensive information on their investors and incur significant costs in order to issue and transfer shares, distribute earnings and poll their investors.
What is needed is an electronic equity system allowing issuers to create, disseminate and maintain equity across a broad base of investors without the need for onerous recordkeeping and intermediaries.


- World's first hardware backed supernode which has been placed in Equinix's Toronto data center, a tier 3+ classification facility
- Trading Passports
- P2P Shareholder messaging
- Automatic dividend payouts to shareholders from companies operating on the Equibit Platform

Technical Info

Technical details:  A fork of the Bitcoin blockchain with some features was added for the traditional finance sector's required compliance law. Things like AML and KYC will be incorporated in the chain via what we call "trading passports." The source code:  The code for Equibit will be open source and the repository will be provided once the security team ensures its as secure as it can be. Proof of developer:  Public team

Equibit Roadmap

  • Q2 ’15 - White Paper Published

  • Q1 ’16 - Angel Investment

  • Q3 ’16 - First Equibit

  • - Node goes online
    - Unit authorized by an Issuer
    - Message sent
    - Adamant Prototype
  • Q1 ’17 - EQB Sale Round 1

  • - 250k EQB Sold for US $570k
  • Read More
  • Q2 ’17 - Team Grows

  • - Advisory committees formed
    - Full-time staff hired (Developers & Marketing)
  • Q3 ’17 - Product Development

  • - Equibit Core
    - Equibit Portfolio
  • Q4 ’17 - EQB Sale Round 2

  • - 400k EQB Sold for US $2M
  • Q1 ’18 - Atomic Swap

  • - Atomic Swap Demoed
    - Mined genesis block
  • Q4 ’18 - Equibit Group AG

  • - Equibit Group HQ moves to Switzerland
    - FINMA no-action letter
    - Complete pre-sale
    - Mainnet launch
  • 2019 + - Continued Roll-out

  • - Equibit Portfolio
    - Community Development
    - Enterprise Wallet


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Equibit Team

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Chris Horlacher
Brent Kievit
Kylar: Chief Science Officer
Stephen Barnard

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Equibit is a securities trading platform that aims to combine the benefits of blockchain technology with the world of investing. It provides a secure, trustless, efficient trading environment where both investors and issuers can interact. It’s a decentralized securities trading platform that involves swapping securities-backed tokens called Equibits. Thanks to blockchain technology, Equibits users can enjoy a number of benefits over traditional securities trading platforms.

Equibit Group, a Toronto-based company, is preparing to launch three distinct products to the securities trading community, including Equibit Core, Equibit Portfolio, and Equibit Supernode.

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