Enter The Jungle

Enter The Jungle

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Gangster Gorilla NFTs, 10,028 living in the Sol Jungle of the #Solana Blockchain. Play 2 Earn Shooter Game. MINT IS LIVE
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About Enter The Jungle

Gangster Gorillas

Gangster Gorillas are a collection of 10,028 hand-drawn, algorithmically generated NFTs living in the Sol Jungle Ecosystem on the Solana Blockchain. Each Gorilla has unique random traits generated from well over a million possible combinations.

The Sol Jungle Ecosystem

Enter The Jungle is a NFT collection of multiple different animal species & extra terrestrial life forms living within the Sol Jungle. Our first edition features the Gangster Gorillas, These same Gorillas and their NFTs will play a major roll in our Gangster Gorilla Play 2 Earn first person mobile shooter game that will run on The Jungle token. The Gangster Gorillas migrated deep into the Sol Jungle over 808 years ago, with over 160 traits and 10,028 limited edition NFT gorillas. These Gorillas guard all the precious gold and gems within the Sol Jungle, including one of the most rarest colored pink blood diamonds ever found. They’re in constant battle with the other primates and species living within the Sol Jungles Ecosystem. They’re the most ferocious Gorillas you will ever encounter, equipped with military grade weapons and specialize in hand to hand combat. If you enter their territory expect a fight that won’t subside until death. Enter The Jungle to learn more.

Enter The Jungle Roadmap

  • Phase One

  • August & September

    Visualize a concept and hire a team of developers along with amazing artist and designers to create Enter The Jungle. A ecosystem that thrives within the Sol Jungle where 10,028 Gangster Gorillas live and will be minted to roam the world.

    Enter the Jungles website and socials are launched.

    Gangster Gorillas show sneak peaks inside of their discord and host a whitelist contest for OG holders. Nov 29th @ 6pm EST 2000 Whitelisted presale. The next day (Nov 30th @ 8pm EST) the remaining 8,028 NFTs will be available for the public to mint.
  • Phase Two

  • November/December/January

    Gangster Gorillas Play 2 Earn first person shooter game for mobil starts production. A triple A block chain gaming company is already in place to create the game. Production time will take 6- 8 months before the game is developed and launched. Gangster Gorilla NFTs, their weapons and the Jungle Token will all play a major roll in the game.

    List on all the major after markets right after launch. Stay tuned for upcoming announcements.

    Major PR marketing campaign starts.

    Pink Diamond & VIP Benefits for those who are lucky enough to mint an ultra-rare Gangster Gorilla

    10% royalty fee from all aftermarket sales will be broken down and used to further the projects development, business expenses, and marketing.
    Exclusive free airdrops periodically to all Gangster Gorilla owners.
  • Phase Three

  • January/February/March

    Gangster Gorilla NFT shirts and hats merchandise will be available to the public for online ordering.

    The public gets to meet the world’s best NFT Rapper, Gangster Gorillas very own Killa Kong, his original songs & new NFT Music videos will be available for the community holders to mint first, then the public.

    Enter The Jungles Token will be launched on the Solana block chain that will fuel the entire ecosystem. Tokenomics TBA

    Other primates and life forms living within the Sol Jungle become available for public minting. Sneak Peaks TBA

    We will start working on the next stage of this project! Which includes a Enter The Jungle Metaverse, where your Gorillas start a breeding frenzy, the baby Gangster Gorillas will have a set date for minting, owning a Gangster Gorilla will get you whitelisted to mint a baby. More details to come. But I am sure by now you are as excited as we are to bring you all of this in an amazing project and opportunity to be apart of.

    Enter The Jungle buys land in Decentraland & SandBox to build out their Jungle and invade the Metaverse, builders are already in place to start.

    Gangster Gorillas Play 2 Earn game launch date is announced.

    If you think this is exciting so far wait till you see the rest!


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