Engraved ICO

Engraved ICO

Created using Figma
Created using Figma
Engraved is blockchain technology built on top of Ethereum with two main goals. First, provide a permanent, secure and cheap (less than USD 0.25) mechanism to establish indelible records which relate original works with their copyright holders. This relation is built through customizable copyright licenses on a certain moment in time. The original work is not stored on the blockchain but a cryptographic digest of it, allowing the copyright holder to keep its work in secret if desired. Second, Engraved also constitutes a system for file integrity verification, where file distributors can register files with their checksums under a custom namespace if desired.
Risk: Very High
Token Sale
Oct 29, 2017
Dec 3, 2017
100% completed
Raised funds - no Data
Cap 19 990.00 ETH
  • 100000 EGR
    1 ETH
    ( Oct 29, 2017 — Oct 30, 2017 )
  • 80000 EGR
    1 ETH
    ( Nov 5, 2017 — Nov 12, 2017 )
  • 70000 EGR
    1 ETH
    ( Nov 12, 2017 — Nov 19, 2017 )
  • 60000 EGR
    1 ETH
    ( Nov 19, 2017 — Nov 26, 2017 )
  • 50000 EGR
    1 ETH
    ( Nov 26, 2017 — Dec 3, 2017 )
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Platform, Business services

About Engraved ICO

Copyright Registry
Engraved offers a trustworthy registry for copyright protection. You can reserve all your rights or free some of them under custom copyright licenses such as Creative Commons.

Integrity Registry
Engraved is a platform for file integrity registration and verification. Authors can create namespaces that will be associated with their Ethereum address.

Web dashboard
All the functionality of the Engraved platform will be we accesible through a web dashboard *

Engraved ICO Roadmap

  • February 2018 Core Smart Contracts

  • The core contracts are constituted by the registries (copyright and integrity) contracts and the DAO contracts (The Engraved Decentralized Autonomous Organizacion and the Engraved Coin token)
  • March 2018 Engraved Dashboard

  • The Engraved dashboard will be developed if a minimum amount of 190 ether is reached during the ICO. Through a web application, users will be able to engrave items: both original works at the copyright registry and files at the integrity registry. This first version will be highlighted by its simplicity of use. An Ethereum wallet will not be needed either off-chain sign up. With a traditional payment gateway, the user will pay for an estimation of the transaction cost in Ethereum gas plus the engraving commission
  • September 2018 Advanced Engraved Dashboard

  • The next iteration will be implemented if a minimum amount of 580 ether is reached. This advanced web dashboard will support all Engraved features including entity management for the integrity validation registry. It also will include user profiles and metadata management, so users will be able to see their engraved files and handle their entities.
  • March 2019 Permanent and Secure IPFS Storage

  • If we reach an amount of 980 ether we will release the complete platform. This last step includes permanent and secure storage for original works on IPFS (the InterPlanetary File System). Although the original work is not needed for engraved it (only the cryptographic digest), authors will be able to store their works and make it accessible through this platform ensuring high availability.
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  • Future Work

  • The Engraved development is not limited to the functionalities previously discussed. According to the reception of the project by the community other functionalities and/or modules would be developed. Moreover, remember that core contract are not predefined and must be approved after crowdsale, so the community could propose features on the core features.


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