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EIYARO is an innovative blockchain project that aims to provide global users with secure and reliable digital asset trading services through efficient and low-cost blockchain technology.
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About Eiyaro

The EIYARO project uses a public chain architecture that allows anyone to participate in the maintenance and development of the network without the need for specific licences or authorisations. A high degree of data transparency and decentralisation is guaranteed, ensuring the security and neutrality of the network. All participants come together to maintain the normal operation of the network.

  • Project name: EIYARO
  • Coin symbol: EY
  • Total Coins: 2.1 billion EY
  • Block interval: 3 minutes
  • Block Reward: 1000 EY
  • Genesis Block Rewards: 210 million EY
  • Community Autonomy Principle

    Consensus : POW

    The exploration and practice of Tensor algorithm helps to promote the integration of AI and blockchain technology.

    Network Security

    Multiple security mechanisms ensure secure and stable network operation, encryption of transaction data and protection of user privacy.

    Smart Contracts and DApp

    The EIYARO network offers users a wide range of convenient services and features.

    Genesis Block Rewards

    Promote community development and reward development contributors.

    Our Vision

    We are committed to building an open and inclusive community, encouraging developers, enterprises and individuals around the world to participate in the construction of the EIYARO ecosystem, and jointly promoting the development and application of blockchain technology. In this process, we will always adhere to the principles of user first and security first, and work hard to build a better future digital world.

Eiyaro Last News

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